Mission, Vision, and Themes

As a member of the North Carolina Community College System, Coastal Carolina Community College provides opportunities for quality post-secondary education, college transfer, workforce training and lifelong learning for the civilian and military population of Onslow County, within the limits of available resources. Coastal values academic excellence, focuses on learning outcomes and student success, provides leadership for community cooperation, and actively contributes to the economic development of Onslow County.

Coastal Carolina Community College provides:

Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates Lifelong Learning
Workforce Development Personal and Cultural Enrichment
Customized Training Comprehensive Student Support
Developmental Education and Adult Basic Skills Aggressive Economic Development
Accessible Education Including Distance Learning


President’s Vision

Coastal Carolina Community College makes a significant difference in the lives of its students and in the economic future of Onslow County. Through a constant focus on the relevance and educational quality of the learning experiences the College provides in both its curriculum and continuing education programs, students will achieve both their educational and vocational goals.

Through exemplary teamwork and strategic partnerships, the College demonstrates that it is an invaluable asset to the unique military community it serves, helping it to compete effectively in all areas of economic development in an increasingly complex, technological environment.

College Themes

Educational Quality

The College embraces a continuously improving learning environment defined by excellence in teaching and student success.

The College enhances the teaching and learning process by providing appropriate technology, equipment, and learning resources.

The College monitors and promotes institutional effectiveness and maintains accountability through assessment, performance standards, and continuous improvement projects.

Student Success

The College seeks to maximize student engagement and ensures that students establish a solid foundation for successful learning.

The College meets the diverse needs of students with differing learning styles through a variety of learning-centered programs and services.

Teamwork and Partnerships

The College enhances partnerships with public schools and universities to create gateways of opportunity and an integrated educational system.

The College promotes and facilitates teamwork and partnerships with Onslow County Schools, UNC Wilmington, local military bases, city and county governments, local Chambers of Commerce, the Jacksonville-Onslow County Economic Development Office, and local industries.

Economic and Workforce Development

The College serves as a catalyst in economic development through education, entrepreneurship, and small business development.

The College delivers high quality customized training that responds to the demands of business, industry, and the military.

The College is committed to delivering quality programs that prepare students for an increasingly complex and technological workplace.