Residency Classification

Every prospective or returning student application, except continuing education will be classified according to his or her state of legal residence as part of the College’s identified admissions procedure. The initial classification is done by Admissions Office personnel.

In accordance with North Carolina Session Law 2013-360, the College will transition to a statewide Residency Determination Service (RDS) for new and returning students seeking residency determination as part of the admissions application process for terms beginning on or after January 2017.

Copies of Session Law 2013-360 and summary guidelines for implementation of the Residency Determination Services (RDS) are available upon request at the College’s Admissions Office.

Residence Status for Tuition Purposes

Regulations/Residence Status

Appeal of  Residence Status

Note: All active duty military personnel and dependents must complete the Application for the Benefit of the In-State Tuition Rate as a Member of the Armed Services or Dependent Family Member Therof form in order to receive the in-state tuition rate.