Academic Calendar

Spring Semester 2015

January 6 Tuesday Faculty Workshops
January 7 Wednesday Spring Semester Full (16-week) and First (8-week) Sessions Begin
January 19 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
February 5 Thursday Spring (12-week) Session Begins
*March 9 Monday First (8-week) Session Ends
*March 10 Tuesday Second (8-week) Session Begins
March 30-April 2 Monday-Thursday Spring Break
April 3 Friday Good Friday Holiday
April 6 Monday Easter Monday Break (Weather Day)
May 11 Monday Spring Semester Full (16-week), 12-week, and Second (8-week) Sessions End
May 12-13 Tuesday-Wednesday Weather days
May 16 Saturday Graduation

*Dates changed due to inclement weather.

Summer Semester 2015

May 18 Monday Summer Semester Full (10-week) and First (5-week) Sessions Begin
May 25 Monday Memorial Day Holiday
June 19 Friday First (5-week) Session Ends
June 22-26 Monday-Friday Summer Break (Curriculum classes only)
June 30 Tuesday Second (5-week) Session Begins
July 3 Friday Independence Day Holiday
August 5 Wednesday Summer Semester Full (10-week) and Second (5-week) Sessions End
August 6 Thursday Weather day