Basic Computer

Please refer to the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for upcoming dates and times.

Course offerings include:

Computers for the Absolute Beginner

Never used a computer before? No problem! This class is for you. Designed for the “true beginner,” this class is the first step on the road to computer confidence.

Course length: 24 hours

Windows 7 Fundamentals

This 12-hour class is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of how to use Windows 7.

Course length: 24 hours

Protecting Your Computer & Backup Files

How often should I backup my computer? Do I need software to do this? These are questions that most people ask when it comes to protecting their computer. In this course, you will learn how to apply simple cyber-safety basics to protect your computer and backup your information.

Course length: 24 hours

How to Repair Your PC: Basic Computer Maintenance

This course covers basic troubleshooting concepts solving common computer errors and upgrading computer systems.

Course length: 24 hours

Interacting with Skype, Facebook, & Twitter

Social networks are gaining momentum. There are thousands of social networks, each boasting millions of users. Social networks are not going away; they are not a fad. You will work with Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Learn how social networks are becoming the standard for sharing everything from photos, blog posts and web bookmarks to company profiles and business networking.

Course length: 12 hours

Home and Small Office Networking 

If you are planning to operate a business out of your home and want to learn how to set-up a small office network, then this is the course for you! Learn how easy it is to select and upgrade computers, select wireless routers, configure the right firewall or antivirus protection, how to configure both a wired and wireless network, peripheral devices, configure, secure and troubleshoot home-level routers, add multiple computers to your network, share files, stream multimedia, share a printer, or control which computers can access data on the network. In addition, the course will cover how-to maintain network security.

Prerequisite: Basic computer and Internet skills.
Course length:
24 hours

Computer File Management: How to manage files and folders

Have you saved a document but now can’t find it? Discover how to keep your computer files and folders better organized and in document order. Learn how to create files and folders and save documents in them. Learn proper backup techniques, saving data, copying files from the hard drive to external storage devices, renaming files, as well as other useful computer management tips.

Course length: 24 hours

Basic Computers for the Senior Re-entering the Workforce 

Are you ready to re-enter the workforce? Question is, where should you start? There are plenty of great career options out there in today’s job market. But if it’s been awhile since you’ve worked on a computer, you may want to take a refresher course first. Technology has probably changed since the last time you were employed, and today’s job applicants need working knowledge of computers and the programs that make up Microsoft’s Office Suite.

Course length: 24 hours

How to Use Computer Peripherals and Accessories 

Learn to use of some the latest technology available. This class will teach students how to use many of the items available to enhance the workplace (office) such as scanners, digital cameras, video capturing devices, microphones, NetMeeting, PC Web Cams, CD recording, and Palm Pilots (PDA’s). Learn how to use PC cameras for video conferencing, how to increase space on the computer, how to use CD-RW/CD-R/DVD-R, flash drives, laptops versus desktops, and how to backup data. This course incorporates hands-on applications.

Course length: 24 hours

More Windows 

After completing this course, students should be able to understand the five components of multimedia and their effects on the PC’s memory and processor’s resources and they will be able to record and assign sounds to various functions the computer performs. They will also be able to make an informed judgment about whether to purchasing a laptop a desktop or a tower for their personal needs and how to care and maintain that computer using third party programs and free Internet based scanning programs. Students will be able to take advantage of the new Windows Live web based software like Messenger’s free phone calling, video chatting and Instant Messaging. Other features of Windows Live are the Photo Gallery, Blog writer and the new Skydrive online storage. For those with a more business mind this class will cover the New Office Live and show how to store, edit and share Microsoft Office documents over the web. The course will also cover error messages and their meanings and students will be able to see and identify various computer hardware components like memory, processors, and drives. Students will also learn how to Install and uninstall software safely and what the EULA agreement means.

Course length: 24 hours