Where is the Continuing Education office located?
What hours are you open?
How do I register for a Continuing Education class?
When do I need to register for a Continuing Education class?
How much are the registration fees and when is my payment due?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Can I have my employee's registration fee billed to my business?
What textbooks will I need for my course and how much will they cost?
Where can I obtain a parking pass?
Do Continuing Education classes earn credits towards a degree?
Can I take classes through Continuing Education if I am not a North Carolina resident?
What are the pre-requisites for a class in which I am interested?
Is financial aid available for Continuing Education classes?
What is the TABE placement test?
When will I receive my certificate of completion after the class ends?
How do I get a duplicate of a certificate for a class I took?
What is your course cancellation and refund policy?