Home Care Nurse Aide Specialist & Direct Care Worker

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Home Care Nurse Aide Specialist

This four-phased program includes the Nurse Aide I course and culminates in the Home Care Nurse aide course.

  • Phase One is an introduction to health care jobs, career opportunities, and job seeking/keeping skills. (16 hours)
  • Phase Two, Direct Care Basics, provides students with the knowledge and skills to provide direct care to individuals in a variety of settings (60 hours)
  • Phase Three is the current Nurse Aide I approved course. Upon completion of this course, students will take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam for North Carolina and be added to the NC NA I registry.
  • Phase Four provides advanced training in home care for the Nurse Aide I. Upon completion, students are eligible for listing as a home care nurse aide with the NC Nurse Aide Registry.

If you are interested in completing this course, or if you are already on the Nurse Aide I registry in North Carolina and are interested in attending the other phases of this program, please contact the Continuing Education division.

Course Description

Building on Nurse Aide I competencies, the Home Care Aide focuses on enhancing specific skills needed when working in a home setting including person center care, patient and personal safety, hydration/nutrition, mental health, dementia, behavioral changes, and pain management. Upon course completion, the student is awarded a Community College certificate, is eligible for listing on the Home Care Nurse Aide Registry with Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR), and can pursue employment.

Course length: 100 hours.

Prerequisite: Nurse Aide I and TABE test required.
Advancement: Students can advance in the direct care field (including salary increases) in health/home care settings and other direct care worker settings including private contracting in individuals’ homes.

Direct Care Worker

Phase I: Introduction to Direct Care Work

The course introduces the student to direct care work (DCW) settings. Topics include what it takes to be a Direct Care Worker including academics, how to get and keep a job, and other interpersonal skills training. The course is designed to help students decide if Direct Care Worker is an appropriate field for them. Upon course completion, student is awarded a certificate for completion of the CPR course and a certificate from Coastal Carolina Community College.

Course Length: Estimated 16 hours

Phase II: Direct Care Basics

This course includes skills development in home management and personal care tasks using limited assistance. Topics covered include infection control, personal care, safety, professionalism, home management, effective communication, and job keeping skills. No cost to those who are unemployed, underemployed, or have received notice of layoff. Upon course completion, student is awarded a Coastal Carolina Community College certificate as a Personal Home Care Aide.

Students can seek employment as personal care aide after successfully completing the course. Students can pursue further training as a Nurse Aide 1, with a scholarship to cover the registration fee.

Course Length: 63 hours