Six Sigma

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Anything you do is a process and any process can be improved. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a set of process improvement tools. Lean tools reduce waste and speed-up a process; Six Sigma tools improve quality. Taken together, Lean Six Sigma is the premier business strategy today for continuous process improvement.The Lean Six Sigma program at Coastal Carolina Community College is an integrated series of courses that lead a student from the introductory level in Yellow Belt through intermediate learning and application in Green Belt to the challenging advanced Six Sigma Black Belt Course. The cumulative learning process, provided by seasoned instructors with a variety of military and business experiences, produces a graduate who can successfully apply the acquired knowledge and practical tools to any business, military, or healthcare situation.

Yellow Belt – Introductory

This foundational course introduces and integrates Lean and Six Sigma principles and tools that lead to effective process improvement. Students practice the tools through a Lean simulation, and they use the Six Sigma methodology to analyze and improve a problematic case study. Successful completion of the course earns students Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

Prerequisite: none

Course Length: 24 hours

Textbook: Course materials provided

Green Belt – Intermediate

Learn essential skills needed to lead successful process improvement projects including process analysis, value stream mapping, root cause analysis, and process improvement strategies. This highly interactive training uses a team approach to evaluate an inefficient process and then design, implement, and evaluate quantifiable process improvements using the valuable Six Sigma method, DMAIC. Training includes advanced lean practices, theory of constraints, and statistical analysis using Excel and QI Macros. Upon successful completion of the two-week class and achieving a passing grade on the exam, a course completion certificate is issued. Earning a certification as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt also requires attending a second Green Belt project class and successfully completing a Green Belt level project.

Prerequisite: Yellow Belt or instructor approval.

Course Length: 66 hours

Textbook: A textbook is required and is available from Coastal’s book store. Call (910) 938-6295 for information.

Black Belt – Advanced

The Six Sigma Black Belt, an organization’s key process improvement agent, is charged with managing improvement teams to positively affect the bottom line – increased mission capability and/or financial results. Coastal’s Black Belt training uses Minitab, an internationally-popular analytical software program, to teach students the application of advanced statistical analysis. Our Black Belt course also includes a review of strategic planning, project management, team facilitation, and presentation skills, which prepares an individual for leadership in today’s highly competitive business environment. A course completion certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course and achieving a passing grade on the exam. Earning certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt also requires the successful completion of an approved Black Belt level improvement project. Students will need to enroll in a separate class to complete an approved Black Belt level improvement project.

Prerequisite: Instructor approval based on Green Belt certification or Green Belt exam score.

Course Length: 66 hours

Textbook: A textbook is required and is available from Coastal’s book store. Call (910) 938-6295 for information.

Six Sigma Instructors

MICHAEL MCKEE, a Coastal Carolina Community College Lean Six Sigma Instructor since 2006, has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from N.C. State University. He received Green Belt training, and later Black Belt training, at Coastal and was certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt and then as a Six Sigma Black Belt through the American Society of Quality. He is currently a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt candidate, receiving training from the Army’s Lean Six Sigma program and serving for over a year as the only military instructor in the National Guard Continuous Process Improvement Office. Michael has also worked as a process engineer with Ericsson Corporation and with Solectron Corporation. He has served over 20 years in the Army National Guard, primarily in maintenance and logistics.

JOHN MCKEE has a Bachelor of Science in engineering from the US Naval Academy and is working on a second Master’s degree. He has been a Lean Six Sigma instructor at Coastal Carolina Community College since 2009 and his teaching experience spans more than thirty years including junior high through college curriculum classes, as well as numerous Continuing Education courses for Coastal. John is a Six Sigma Black Belt candidate, receiving his Green Belt and Black Belt training through N.C. State University. He is a retired navy captain chaplain and retired pastor and has also been a private school administrator, naval aviator, naval aviation maintenance manager, and quality assurance officer.

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