Specialty Training

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Notary Public

Many employers benefit by having Notaries on their staff because many documents used in the course of business require notarization. Being a Notary is also a good addition to one’s resume while pursuing employment. Coastal Carolina Community College offers instruction for students interested in becoming a Notary. The course is offered twice a month, both daytime and evening hours. When the course is successfully completed the student must then submit an application to the Secretary of State’s office in order to be appointed as a Notary.

A Notary in North Carolina is an appointed official for the State. Notaries play a vital role in protecting the public against fraud and forgery. This is accomplished by requiring the personal appearance and verification of the identity of individuals signing documentation or performing other actions before the Notary. Notarization also lends an air of solemnity to transactions when documents are being signed, which in turn lends weight to the seriousness of the event taking place before the Notary.

Interested students should check the state requirements tab, to determine if they are in fact qualified and meet all North Carolina legal requirements before registering.

Course Length: 7 hours

Event Planning Basics

This course is designed to instruct students in planning and coordinating special events to include meetings, conventions, weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, engagements, reunions or any other events of interest. Areas explored include event design and objectives, program planning, food and beverage catering, vendors, décor, timeline and budget management. This course will also provide the beginner entrepreneur with information to enhance their own commercial event planning business if they are already responsible for planning special events for their employer, family, church, or other organization. A textbook is required and is available at the college bookstore.

Course Length: 60 hours

Professional Organizer

Professional Organizers are in great demand and gaining popularity by providing a much-needed service to communities, businesses and individuals. Many people want to get organized but don’t know how or where to start. This class is the perfect place to build your organizing skills and to transition into a profession. Learn how to identify a client’s needs, what approaches you can use to help them in their organizing dilemmas and steps and organizing strategies that can be applied. Also, learn how to work with your client in maintaining a long-term result. There is a huge need for this type of business in the area due to the high number of transient individuals and families. This class will also provide you with the business knowledge and skills needed to start working for yourself. A textbook is required and is available at the college bookstore.

Course Length: 60 hours


National Restaurant Association certificates are given to all students who pass the course. The college uses the ServSafe Managers textbook. A ServSafe Manager’s textbook with answer sheet is required for the first class. The textbook is available at college bookstore, students that have the a textbook but not the answer sheet may contact the coordinator for information on obtaining one

Course Length: 15 hours

Tanning Facility Operators

Learn tanning safety procedures for tanning equipment operators. This satisfies the NC training requirement for operators of tanning salons.

Course Length: 8 hours