Coastal Carolina Fire Academy

Thank you for your interest in the Coastal Carolina Fire Academy! The Academy will be a part-time evening and weekend program that leads to North Carolina Firefighter Certification. The Academy will be delivered on campus at Coastal Carolina Community College and at other training locations in Onslow County.

The Academy is now accepting applications. The due date for applications is June 3, 2015.


The Academy will take place on three nights each week, 6-10 PM; and two Saturdays each month (8 AM – 5 PM). The weeknights will be Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. The Academy will not be scheduled on holidays. For those accepted through the application process, there will be an Academy Orientation meeting on Monday, June 29 at 6:00 PM. The starting date for classes is Monday, July 6. See the calendar below for the full schedule.


Candidates who complete the Academy successfully are eligible receive a North Carolina Firefighter Certification from the NC Office of State Fire Marshal. This certification is IFSAC accredited, meaning it is accepted through reciprocity in over forty other states. If you are considering taking your certification to another state you should contact their certifying authority to understand their IFSAC reciprocity rules.


The registration fees for the twenty-three courses that comprise the firefighter certification process total $1720 and the insurance fees total $23*. These fees are paid at the beginning of each course (see below). The cost of the text is approximately $95. The cost of required uniforms will be less than $200. At this time, the registration fees and associated costs are not eligible for VA/GI Bill benefits. Financial aid is not available for the Academy.

At this time we strongly encourage those interested in the Academy to become members of their local volunteer fire department. This makes you eligible for waived registration fees and gives you access to the requisite PPE from the department. Those who are members of a NC volunteer fire department will need only to purchase the text and their uniforms. Proof of membership will be required.

Candidate Acceptance

The Academy will accept candidates who commit to the entire twenty-three class Firefighter certification series. Competitiveness of the process will be determined by the number of applicants. There will be an Agility Test and a TABE Reading test requirement for each applicant. Details of these requirements are included in the application package.


Each of the twenty-three courses has an 80% attendance requirement. Each course has practical skills evaluations and written testing. Students who are unable to attend more than one of the scheduled courses may be removed from the Academy program.


High school graduate or high school equivalency diploma.

Career Opportunities

While this Academy is not for direct placement into a career as a firefighter, it does make the successful graduate a desirable candidate for hiring. Additionally the Academy members will be exposed to career firefighters who work throughout Onslow County and may be a valuable resource in the job search.

Breakdown of Fees by Month

Registration Insurance
July 2015 $350 $5
August 2015 $280 $4
September 2015 $420 $6
October 2015 $335 $4
November 2015 $195 $2
December 2015 $140 $2
Total $1,720 $23

*These fees are subject to change over the course of the Academy by action of the NC Community College System.

Application Process

  • Download and print the following document
  • Read, complete, and sign all of the required forms
  • Attach copy of high school diploma or equivalency
  • Attach Letter of Affiliation if member of a volunteer agency
  • Take TABE reading test and attach a copy of result (or TABE document less than one year old)
  • Return completed application packet to the Continuing Education Building front desk, or mail to:
    Coastal Carolina Fire Academy
    444 Western Blvd.
    Jacksonville, NC 28546

Scanned or faxed applications are not accepted. Incomplete applications without supporting documents will not be accepted.

>> Download the Application