Motorcycle Training

Please call 910.938.6294 for upcoming dates and times.

Coastal Carolina Community College is an approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Training Range. For more information about the MSF please visit

Basic, Experienced, and Advanced Course Descriptions

Why Rider Education?

Upon successful completion of Basic Rider Course (BRC) or Experienced Rider Course (ERC), students may qualify for an insurance discount. Upon completion of the BRC course, students will be prepared to take the written exam at the DMV and will be exempt from the riding portion of the test.

92% of motorcycle accidents involve an inexperienced rider who is either self-taught or taught by a friend or relative with no professional training.

60% of single motorcycle accidents are caused by rider errors in cornering judgment or improperly avoiding a hazard by swerving or braking improperly.

Upon successful completion of a Basic Rider Course (BRC), an Experienced Rider Course (ERC), or an Advanced Rider Course (ARC), students may qualify for an insurance discount. Please check with your specific insurance agent.

Upon completion of the BRC or the ERC course students will be issued a DMV waiver card that will exempt them from the riding portion of the DMV licensing requirements. You will still be required to pass the DMV written exam.

Download the MSF Basic RiderCourse Handbook

Download the North Carolina DMV Motorcyclists Handbook


To pre-register for a class, ALL students must PRE-PAY their tuition with the Division of Continuing Education. Payment may be made by cash, check, Master Card, or Visa at the Continuing Education Building upon completion of a signed registration form. For more information about registering please call (910) 938-6294.

All students must attend 100% of any classroom instruction and 100% of the riding portion. If you cannot attend 100% of the course your money will not be refunded. The following may qualify as exceptions:

  • Sick or injured (medically documented)
  • Mechanical malfunction of the motorcycle (college provided motorcycles only)
  • Any retesting must be done within 30 days from original enrollment.

NOTICE: Failure to comply with any requirements these may result in automatic failure of the course.

Stand-By Policy & Procedures

Each course will start on time. Paid “seats” in a class will not be held for more than 30 minutes. Stand-by students must be present at the start of each course. A “stand-by” student may be asked to leave because the scheduled student arrived within the 30 minute guideline. Priority for stand-by enrollments:

  1. Students with a paid scheduled training date closest to the present date.
  2. In the event of a tie, the selection will be made based on the student’s arrival time to the classroom.

For more information on the State of North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Education Program, please visit