Saturday May 18, 2013

Upon recommendation of the faculty and the approval of the Board of Trustees, an appropriate certificate, diploma, or degree will be awarded to the students who have been fully admitted to the College and have successfully completed the requirements of the academic program in which they are enrolled. Provisionally admitted students will not be recommended for grad­uation. A minimum of a 2.0 average and the satisfactory completion of an approved academic program of study is required for graduation. Transfer students wishing to graduate from this institution must earn the minimum amount of credit as outlined under Transfer of Credits to Coastal Carolina Community College. Any student enrolled in an associate degree, diploma, or certificate academic program who, while enrolled in that program, meets the requirements of another associate degree, diploma, or certificate program at Coastal Carolina Community College, may request the awarding of the additional degree, diploma, or certificate after the student has successfully met the requirements of the additional academic program without having to file an academic program change request.

The student must file an application for graduation for each degree, diploma, or certificate requested and pay the required fee(s) for each degree, diploma, or certificate requested.

To Apply:

  1. Pick-up a graduation application at the Registrar’s Office (located in the Student Center).
  2. Complete the application and take it to the Business Office (located in the James Leroy Henderson, Jr. Administration Building) to pay the required application fee.
  3. After payment is completed, return the graduation application to the Registrar’s Office for approval.

Applications for degrees, diplomas, or certificates must be completed by the student prior to the last semester of enrollment. The graduation ceremony takes place at the end of the spring semester (see the academic calendar in the current catalog for the graduation date). Students (including summer students) who plan to attend the graduation ceremony in May must turn in their applications by the last working day in January.