How to Access Your Online Course

A quick guide to starting your online education at Coastal Carolina Community College. This information provides you with a tutorial to introduce you to Campus Cruiser and the Blackboard courseware.

Where do I go to find my online class?

You can access Blackboard from either Campus Cruiser or directly from Coastal’s web site. On Coastal’s home page, select myCruiser at the top of the browser window in the Search area.  To go directly to Blackboard and not log into Campus Cruiser, simply click the Blackboard link at the bottom of the Coastal home page or select it from Quick Links.

If you select myCruiser, you will wind up on the Campus Cruiser log in screen.

Campus Cruiser Log In

What do I do next?

When you registered for an online or hybrid class the Blackboard administrator provided you with an account. Click Log In and and enter your login ID and password. Your Log in ID will be your first and last name followed by the last three digits of your Student ID number, without any spaces (ex. marysmith789). Your Password will be the word “coastal” followed by the last three digits of your Student ID number (ex. coastal789). If for some reason you are experiencing difficulty up to this point, call the Help Desk at (910) 938-6123.

Once you have logged in to Campus Cruiser, click the link for Blackboard at the top of the page. You do not have to log in to Blackboard if you access it through Campus Cruiser. If you access Blackboard directly via Coastal’s web site you will enter different log in information than you would use for Campus Cruiser.

Blackboard Link



The Blackboard Interface

Though each course may have a customized layout based on how the Instructor has set up the class, all Blackboard classes will have basically the same functionality and the Welcome screen will look similar to the example below. Your current online classes are listed under “My Courses.” Announcements posted for any of your classes will display at the top. Make sure you check these regularly as they contain important information related to each class.

Your next step is to e-mail your instructor and let them know that you have successfully logged into Blackboard and located your class. This should be done on the first day of the semester after 12:00 noon when the class has been made available. Make sure you use your Campus Cruiser email address when communicating with your instructors ( not your personal email account.

Blackboard Welcome Screen