Student Success

Coastal Carolina Community College provides numerous resources to help ensure your success as a distance learning student.  Be sure to access student support services for numerous services to ensure academic success.

Other resources that include valuable information are as follows:

In the event of technical difficulties, contact the Help Desk at (910) 938-6123 or

For issues regarding your class, the instructor is always the first point of contact.  In the event that any issue is not resolved by the instructor, contact the appropriate Division Chair.





Business Technology and
Legal Services

Ginger Tuton

(910) 938-6384


Annette Heishman-Harpine

(910) 938-6808

Humanities and Fine Arts

Haydee Adams

(910) 938-6282

Industrial and Applied Technology

Marianne Herring

(910) 938-6267


Andrea Wilmoth

(910) 938-6328

Natural Science

Catherine Songer

(910) 938-6807

Nursing and Allied Health

Paula Gribble

(910) 938-273

Social and Behavior Sciences

David Wilmoth

(910) 938-6395

Off-Campus Sites

Michelle Koenig

(910) 451-2391

Student Services

Don Herring

(910) 938-6236


The College has a policy for written student complaints which is available on the Website and in the College Catalog.