Central Sterile Processing Technician Course

The major tasks of a Central Sterile Processing Technician’s role are to process and sterilize equipment and supplies from the operating suites and nursing units of hospitals. These medical professionals are specially trained in the proper care, cleaning, decontamination and sterilization of all surgical instrumentation.

The CPT may also be involved in preparing and packaging specialized medical equipment for patient use in various areas of the facilities. Often Sterile Tech’s will operate and service advanced decontamination and disinfecting apparatus such as ultrasonic washers, steam autoclaves, liquid based washer/disinfectors and vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems.

Technicians also take equipment inventory; maintain accurate sterilization records, report repairs and monitor records. CPT’s follow strict aseptic protocols to ensure that they maintain a clean and safe environment. They play an essential role in patient safety and infection control.

Following successful completion of the class the student will be eligible to take the Sterile Processing Technician, National Exam through NCCA


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • TABE reading score of 12.0
  • TABE math score of 9.0

Course Cost

  • Registration: $180
  • Insurance: $1

For more information or to sign up,

contact the Division of Continuing Education at 910.938.6294 or coned@coastalcarolina.edu, or stop by the Kenneth B. Hurst Continuing Education Building located at the corner of Western Boulevard and University Drive.