Entrepreneurial Programs

REAL Entrepreneurship Program

One of the most unique and comprehensive courses entrepreneurs can take advantage of is the REAL Entrepreneurship program. For those people who are interested in developing a comprehensive business plan and studying the potential of their business idea, this course provides a hands-on, experiential learning environment to move your business from the idea stage to a written plan. The course instructor is available for constant feedback and counseling and a Community Support Team, made up of local small business owners and business professionals provide expertise and experienced leadership to the program participants. To take advantage of this course, call 910-938-6319.

Master Entrepreneur Program Takes Small Business Owners to the Next Level

A very popular, long-standing program offered through Coastal Carolina Community College’s Small Business Center helps business owners develop skills to take their business to the next level.

Alumni of the program emphasize how the content has helped them operate their companies more successfully and take their businesses from the start-up phase to the growth phase.

The special program, offered in partnership with UNCW’s Small Business and Technology Development Center and the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, is designed to assist business owners who have been in business at least one year or longer.  In five interactive workshop sessions, participants take a close look at key elements of growing a company, including:

  1. A look at the key indicators of the health of their businesses
  2. How to leverage areas of strength, and avoid potential pitfalls
  3. How to drive sales growth
  4. How to set and achieve appropriate goals for their business
  5. How to manage employees effectively

The course instructor is David Clark.  Mr. Clark brings over a decade of extensive business experience in management consulting and has a proven track record in helping owners assess their current business condition and implement strategies that create business growth and success.   The purpose of this program as Mr. Clark puts it, is “to elevate the management skills and entrepreneurial success of selected Onslow County business owners.  I love seeing small business owners succeed, and share the tools they need to achieve that success.”

Business owners participating in the Master Entrepreneur Program engage in a practical study of their business and gain knowledge and skills to help them improve their operations through a combination of:

  • focused training from an experienced instructor;
  • case work with examples and financial models;
  • interactive discussion of experiences with other entrepreneurs;
  • confidential business counseling for each participant.

According to one owner/participant, “It’s hard for me to take time away from operating the business.  But, when Coastal said I could learn things to help me be more successful, I was intrigued.  I’m really glad I joined the program…it has helped me see where I could be making some potential errors and how to correct them and get the business on track.”

For more information about the program, contact:
Coastal Carolina Community College
Small Business Center