Weight Room Regulations

  1. Participants must be 16 years of age or older to use the weight and fitness rooms. Anyone who is under 16 yeas of age is not allowed to use the weight and fitness rooms. Anyone under 18 years of ages is required to provide a parental signature.
  2. You must sign in and out.
  3. Appropriate athletic apparel must be worn. Shirt and closed toed shoes required. No street clothing. Sandals, open-toe shoes, hard soled shoes, jeans, street clothing, and anything that compromises the safety and professionalism of the weight and fitness rooms are prohibited.
  4. No food, alcohol, tobacco of any kind, chewing gum, glass bottles, or cans allowed. If you wish to carry a beverage with you, it must be in a plastic container with a lid/cap.
  5. Return all equipment to its original location when you are finished.  (This includes: body bars, weights, dumbbells, stability balls, jump ropes, bands/chords, steps/risers, and  medicine balls)
  6. Do not drop weights on the floor.
  7. Wipe equipment with sanitizer when you are finished.
  8. Patrons should use extreme caution in lifting weights to avoid potential injuries to themselves or others. Do not attempt to use equipment if unfamiliar with the proper use. Please ask the weight and fitness staff for assistance.
  9. All equipment must be used in the manner for which it was designed. Do no attempt to modify the equipment.
  10.  No outside personal training is permitted in the facility.
  11. Please direct all questions, concerns, and maintenance needs to a weight and fitness staff person on duty.
  12. Profanity of excessively loud or suggestive language will not be tolerated
  13. Covering the padded equipment with a towel helps prolong the life of the equipment and keeps everything clean for the next user. All users are encouraged to bring a clean towel to use on the weight equipment and to wipe down the cardiovascular equipment.
  14. Personal belongings such as backpacks, wallets, etc., may not be placed anywhere in the weight and fitness rooms. Lockers are available in the locker rooms for your convenience.
  15. There is a 30 min time limit on the aerobics fitness machines when people are waiting. There are no advance sign ups.

The policies of the Coastal’s weight and fitness rooms have been developed to keep the facility and equipment in good condition and to assure your safety while using the facilities.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please go to the Coastal Carolina Community College P.E. Office.
Use of Coastal’s fitness facilities is a privilege. Failure to comply with policies and directions of the staff governing participation, equipment and/or conduct may result in suspension from the Coastal fitness facilities and its programs.