Associate in Engineering Degree

The Associate in Engineering Degree program prepares students to transfer courses or the degree in its entirety to a four-year senior institution. This program is designed for students who wish to earn a baccalaureate degree in engineering.

General Education Core (42 SHC) SHC = Semester Hours Credit The general education common course pathway includes study in the areas of English composition; humanities and fine arts; social and behavioral sciences; natural science and mathematics.

Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) (34 SHC)*

Award Available – See Course Requirements below.

  • Associate in Engineering Degree (A10500)
Course Requirements for Associate in Engineering Degree

Curriculum Code: A10500

For course descriptions, please refer to the current catalog.

English Composition (6 SHC)

Two English composition courses are required.
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry (3 SHC)
ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Disc (3 SHC)

Humanities/Fine Arts (6 SCH)

Select one course from each category.
Humanities: Choose One
ENG 231 American Literature I (3 SHC)
ENG 232 American Literature II (3 SHC)
ENG 241 British Literature I (3 SHC)
ENG 242 British Literature II (3 SHC)
PHI 215 Philosophical Issues (3 SHC)
PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics (3 SHC)
Fine Arts and Communication: Choose One
COM 231 Public Speaking (3 SHC)
ART 111 Art Appreciation (3 SHC)
ART 114 Art History Survey I (3 SHC)
ART 115 Art History Survey II (3 SHC)
MUS 110 Music Appreciation (3 SHC)
MUS 112 Introduction to Jazz (3 SHC)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 SHC)

Two courses from two discipline areas required.
The following course is required.
ECO 251 Principles of Microeconomics (3 SHC)
Select one additional course from the following:
HIS 111 World Civilizations I (3 SHC)
HIS 112 World Civilizations II (3 SHC)
HIS 131 American History I (3 SHC)
HIS 132 American History II (3 SHC)
POL 120 American Government (3 SHC)
PSY 150 General Psychology (3 SHC)
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology (3 SHC)

Mathematics (12 SHC)

Calculus I is the lowest level math course that will be accepted by the engineering programs for transfer as a math credit. Students who are not calculus-ready will need to take additional math courses.
MAT 271 Calculus I (4 SHC)
MAT 272 Calculus II (4 SHC)
MAT 273 Calculus III (4 SHC)*
*MAT 273 is not classified as a UGETC course

Natural Science (12 SHC)

CHM 151 General Chemistry I (4 SHC)
PHY 251 General Physics I (4 SHC)
PHY 252 General Physics II (4 SHC)

Other Required Hours (18 SHC)

The following courses are required. (3 SHC)
ACA 122 College Transfer Success (1 SHC)
Students must complete ACA 122 within the first 30 hours of enrollment.
EGR 150 Introduction to Engineering (2 SHC)
An additional 15 SHC from the following courses are required.
BIO 111 General Biology I (4 SHC)
CHM 152 General Chemistry II (4 SHC)
COM 110 Introduction to Communication (3 SHC)
CSC 134 C++ Programming (3 SHC)
CSC 151 JAVA Programming (3 SHC)
ECO 252 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 SHC)
HUM 110 Technology and Society
MAT 285 Differential Equations (3 SHC)
PED 110 Fitness and Wellness for Life (2 SHC)

Total Semester Hours Credit (SHC) in Program: 60 – 61*

Students must meet the receiving university’s foreign language and/or health and physical  education requirements, if applicable, prior to or after transfer to the senior institution.

*All Universal General Education Transfer Component Courses will transfer for equivalency credit to each of the sixteen constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina under the provisions of the NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.