Dental Assisting

The dental assisting curriculum prepares individuals to assist the dentist in the delivery of dental treatment and to function as integral members of the dental team while performing chairside and related office and laboratory procedures.

Course work includes instruction in general studies, biomedical sciences, dental sciences, clinical sciences, and clinical practice. A combination of lecture, laboratory, and clinical experiences provide students with knowledge in infection/hazard control, radiography, dental materials, preventive dentistry, and clinical procedures.

Click here for a complete curriculum description and outline of required coursework.

Graduates may be eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board Examination to become Certified Dental Assistants. As a Dental Assistant II, defined by the dental laws of North Carolina, graduates work in dental offices and other related areas. Coastal Carolina Community College offers a diploma.

Program Overview

Length: 1-Year Dental Assisting Diploma beginning in the Fall Semester
Application Period: June through mid-January. Check the program bulletin for specific dates.
Number of Students Accepted: 28
Estimated North Carolina Starting Salary: $27,200
Basic Requirements:

  • High School, GED, or Adult High School Graduation
  • Coastal Carolina Community College Application
  • Official Transcripts
  • Placement Test
  • Information Session

Tuition & Estimated Costs

Costs may vary slightly from year to year, but the average is listed below. Tuition is set by the NC Legislature and can change without notice.

  • Costs may vary slightly from year to year, but the average is listed below. Tuition is set by the NC Legislature and can change without notice. Each student will also be responsible for providing their transportation to the campus and to off-campus clinical rotation sites. Also, students will need to budget for miscellaneous expenses such as binders, paper, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Candidates should complete their Pell Grant form, Coastal Carolina scholarship form, and other scholarship forms as soon as possible.
  • Candidates should consider other related expenses and issues such as transportation and gas, child care and family responsibilities, lunch, notebooks, pens, paper, planner, etc.
  • Because of the scheduling demands of the Dental Assisting Program, it is important to consider limiting working schedules.
Tuition (3 Semesters) $3,683
Uniforms $350
Liability Insurance $16
Books/Supplies $750
Dental Assisting National Board $750
Vaccines/Titers $1010
Health Exams (Eye, Dental, Physical) $600
CPR $120
Travel (Spring & Summer Semesters) $600
Fetal Monitoring Badges (if pregnant) $230
TOTAL $8,109