FAQs for Dental Hygiene Students

What does a dental hygienist do?
What is the difference between a dental hygienist and a dental assistant?
Do I have to go to school to be a dental hygienist?
How much do dental hygienists get paid?
How long is the dental hygiene program?
Do I HAVE to go to summer school?
Is it possible to attend the dental hygiene program on a part-time basis?
Is it hard to get into the dental hygiene program?
How many total students are offered admission into the dental hygiene program each year?
What can I do to improve my chances of being accepted?
I have taken several college level courses, can any of my course work be substituted?
Is it possible for me to compete for a spot in the dental hygiene program straight from high school?
What is the deadline for applying to the dental hygiene program?
If I am not accepted this year, will I automatically be put on the waiting list for the next class?
If I am accepted in February, does that mean I will not be able to attend the program in the fall?
As an alternate, what can I do to improve my chances of entering with the fall class?
How many alternates are offered admission each year?
What are the chances of me getting Hepatitis or Aids from a patient?
If I enter the dental hygiene program, will I be required to work with patients who have HIV/AIDS?
About how many hours will I be in school each week?
Is the program hard?
What can I do to improve my chances of success in the dental hygiene program?
How much time should I set aside for study on a weekly basis?
Do dental hygiene students have to maintain a certain GPA (grade point average)?
How many hours can I work each week and still keep up with my school work?
Does the dental hygiene program have a strict attendance policy?
Is there a dress code for the dental hygiene program?
If my child is sick and not allowed to attend day care, can I bring him/her to school with me?
Will I take all of my courses on the main campus of the college?
Will I be assigned patients to work on in labs and clinics?
Someone told me that dental hygiene students are not allowed to smoke. Is this true?
Is Coastal’s dental hygiene program accredited?
What do employers say about Coastal’s dental hygiene graduates?
Why should I consider a career in dental hygiene?
Whom do I contact if I want to learn more about the dental hygiene program?