FAQs for Dental Clinic Patients

If I want to become a patient, how do I contact the Dental Clinic to set up an appointment?
What dental services do you offer to patients at Coastal Carolina Community College?
Can I be guaranteed of getting an appointment when I want one?
Can my visits in the dental hygiene clinic replace the need for seeing my dentist?
How long will it take me to have my teeth cleaned in the dental clinic?
Can my children have their teeth cleaned in the clinic?
Can I bring my child with me to wait in the reception area while I have my teeth cleaned?
I need other dental care like fillings and extractions. Can I have that done in the dental clinic?
Can you recommend a good dentist for me to see?
How much does it cost to be seen in the dental clinic?
I have dental insurance. Will you file it for me?
Do you take Medicaid?
I have never been seen in the clinic before. How do I get an appointment?
Where do I park when I arrive for my scheduled appointment in the dental clinic?
What happens at the screening appointment and how long will it take?
Do all patients have to be screened?
After my screening, how do I get an appointment to have my teeth cleaned?
I had x-rays taken in the dental clinic. Is there any way to get a copy for my dentist?
Will you be able to tell me if I have a cavity after my teeth are cleaned and I have x-rays?
My schedule often changes. Is it a problem if I cancel an appointment?
What do you do at Coastal to prevent disease transmission?
If I know a dental hygiene student, can I make an appointment specifically with him/her?
My teeth are sensitive. What causes that and what can I do?
My dentist has given me local anesthesia because my teeth are so sensitive. Can you do that?
I have been told I have periodontal disease. Can I still get my teeth cleaned at Coastal?
My teeth are discolored. Do you provide any whitening procedures?