English Division

English Faculty Charles Dickens was obviously not writing about Coastal’s English Division when he penned “A smattering of everything and a knowledge of nothing.”

Coastal’s English Department educators are true masters of all matter English – from grammar to analyses, from literature to creative writing. Each member of the division adds his/her expertise to this conglomerate of thoughtful, caring, and engaging instructors.

Students who come in contact with any one of this group can expect to be challenged to think logically and analytically about what they read and write, to perform at a college level, and to expect future employers to appreciate the skills they learn while under this division’s tutelage.

Student Resources

New River AnthologyNew River Anthology

The New River Anthology is a great way for students to share their fiction, non-fiction, poetry and artwork and gain community-wide publication. Each year we have student editors work alongside English faculty members selecting pieces, editing drafts and organizing the annual fall anthology reading.

Click here to review the 2017 Anthology

CCCC Storytelling Showcase

The CCCC Storytelling Showcase features students who compose and revise personal narratives as part of their DRE (Developmental Reading and English) course requirements. These students are nominated by their DRE instructors to perform (read aloud) their work at the Showcase. This annual event was established in 2017 as a way to celebrate our developing student authors and provide them with a platform to share their work to a broader audience. Look for Showcase date/time TBA Spring semester!