Fine Arts

Mission Statement

The Fine Arts Department of Coastal Carolina Community College strives to offer Associates-level education of recognizable excellence through the promotion of artistic quality, active engagement of students in the artistic process, and the fostering of the visual and performing arts as a major force for good within society. A combination of classroom training and studio work allows for a well-rounded college experience, with an emphasis on the collaborative and creative process.

Understanding that our students learn to think critically and reason most clearly when they put theory into practice through repeated performance, the department will work to maximize opportunities for our students to enrich their own experience and the life of Onslow County, our community.

In pursuit of this, we dedicate ourselves to the following:

  • To preserve and promote artistic traditions
  • To serve as a source for enhancement of artistic experience
  • To educate and train future artists
  • To promote and exchange ideas and practices across disciplinary lines
  • To instill ethical conduct in representation and artistic practice.