41st Public Art Exhibition

Coastal Carolina Community College
41st Public Art Exhibition
The exhibition will be open from 
October 22nd through November 15th 
in the Fine Arts Building on campus.
An opening reception will take place 
on October 22nd from 4:00-5:30pm. 
Awards will be announced at 5:00 pm.

Congratulations to all the artwork selection winners!  And thank you to everyone who submitted work for judging.  It takes courage just to submit to an art exhibition.

Please check the following list for your uploaded image file name (your name with abbreviated title). 


Accepted: If your file name appears in the list below the corresponding artwork has been accepted for exhibition.  Congratulations! 

Rejected: Any file name not included on this list was unfortunately not chosen for this year’s exhbition.  Check the list carefully.  Some people had multiple works accepted.  And some people had multiple works rejected. 


The comptition this year was very stiff.  We had over 100 submissions and a substantial number of excellent pieces.  The art pieces went through an extensive jurying process by business, college and art professionals.

Everyone is invited (regardless of work acceptance) to this year’s reception on October 22nd from 4:00-5:30 pm. Awards announced at 5:00pm.


Accepted work must be Delivered to Fine Arts Building on October 16 or 17th from 9:00-4:30 p.m. Work must be signed for by: Andrea VanEngelenhoven, Kevin Mertens or Anna Pagnucci:

  • All deliveries must be framed, wired, and ready to hang (no cords, strings or saw-tooth hangers).
  • Work that does not meet hanging requirements will not be exhibited.
  • Work that differs from the original accepted submission will not be exhibited.

Erica Moncrief – EricaMoncrief_Graphite_12x9_Luda_9-26-19.JPG

Imagination Panda – 90Pandie_Digital_8x11_2019.jpg

Imagination Panda – Chained_Digital_8x11_2019.jpg

Imagination Panda – HalloweenPandie_Digital_8x11_2019.jpg

Isabel Morales – photo0.jpg

James Dimalanta – JamesDimalanta_mixedmedia_11.5×15.5_McDonald’s_9-28-19.jpg

Jessica Luna – IMG_8547 (edited-Pixlr).jpg

Joseph Gillis – Gillis_RepurposedWood_RandyWoodchair_2017.jpg

joshua thomas – 20190929_214251.jpg

Kaiya Selway – IMG_4160.jpg

Kathy  Gasperson – DSC_0050.JPG

Kathy  Gasperson – DSC_0178.JPG

Logan Someliana-Lauer – 5896C760-D0DD-4E45-AD16-FC895D2ABECD.jpeg

Megan Jung – 1AC6B391-1924-4F99-BC38-B731E42FE2D6.jpeg

Megan Jung – D9BD9A7A-0F61-471E-8F7C-820830E14888.jpeg

Megan Jung – E35A0F52-6597-4CA5-BF71-F1D68AE71DA8.jpeg

Mikaela Jetty – MikaelaJetty_Pen_9x12_TongueTied_2018.jpg

Mikaela Nelson – MikaelaJetty_WoodBurning-Acrylic_7x11.5_SpeckledHen_2019.jpg

Mira Duke – MiraDuke_Graphite_4.5×6.5_Primadonna_2019.jpg

Miranda Kellum – Curious Kitten.jpg

Nathaniel  Dunlap – Dunlap Nathaniel, Bonsai Tree, Pen 11×14, 2019.jpg

Patricia Hicks – PatriciaHicks_CharcoalPastel_18x24_TheHardestGoodbye_2019.jpg


Zac McComb – DepictionOfHellPaintedOverWithSheepskinWhite_Painting_14x20in_2018.jpg

Zac McComb – Swathed_Charcoal_25x19in_2019.jpg

Zoe Chambers – ZoeChambers_Photography_8x10_DaisyAndFlowers_2019 .jpg

Angelo Lytle – AngeloLytle_Acrylic_8x10_SandridgeRoad_2019.jpg

Angelo Lytle – AngeloLytle_Acrylic_18x24_LifeGivesYouLemons_2019.jpg

Brenda Klonek – Brendaklonek_mixedmedia_5inx4in_Treeoflove_9-25-19_2.jpeg

Cameron Cox – CameronCox_Traditional_609x541_Dent_September252019.png

cat Akerman  – CatAkerman_monoprint_8x8_Asmita_2019.jpg

Cat Akerman – CatAkerman_monoprint_4x4_ItchyTwitchGirl_2019.jpg

Chesley Schwantes – ChesleySchwantes_Photography_20x24_BehindtheBlindfold_2018.jpeg

Chesley Schwantes – ChesleySchwantes_Photography_20x24_RedandLoudSilence_2018.jpeg

Chesley Schwantes – ChesleySchwantes_Photography_20x30_NeverThisYoung_2019.JPG

Cynthia Collins – 20190925_112648~2.jpg

Cynthia Collins – 20190925_112754.jpg

Cynthia Collins – 20190925_114652.jpg

Darius Newsome – The Dreamer Final.mov

Adel Abudayeh – AdelAbudayeh_AcrylicOnWood_24x36_NotToday_2018.jpeg

Adrianna  Cumbo – 20190929_122340.jpg

Adrianna  Cumbo – 20190929_122512.jpg

Adrianna Cumbo – 20190928_150842.jpg

Alex Phillips – The boy with a Liver Disease.jpg