Communication Department

Welcome to the Department of Communication!

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Why study communication?

Why bother to study something you have been doing since before you were born? Simply stated, studying communication benefits you in many different ways: personally, professionally, and publicly.

 Personal benefits:
  • Learning how to speak publicly is important to your success in college.
  • You learn how to better interact with others, improve your relationships, and understand differences in how people see the world.
Professional benefits:
  • Effective communication will increase your chances of finding a job. According to a 2010 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), “The ability to communicate clearly” is the most important trait in a new employee. Your ability to communicate is your ticket to advancement.  A telephone survey of 500 executives, conducted by Adecco Staffing US (2013), rated communication skills second only to job knowledge as the most important factor in success.
 Public benefits:
  • A democratic society depends on active, informed citizens, which in turn requires skilled communicators. Learning the principles of communication can make you a more effective participant in the great debate that we call democracy

What can you do with a degree in communication?

Communication studies majors attain business, academic, and professional positions in many areas.

Occupations that require effective public-communication skills include spokesperson, announcer, and on-air talent. In business, communication degrees prepare students for careers as corporate trainers, advertising coordinators, managers, public relation liaisons, consultants, and human resource specialists.

Additionally, students with a degree in communication can pursue a career in education as a high school teacher or college instructor after completing appropriate post-graduate education and/or certification.

Communication specialists can also serve effectively in government as speech writers, campaign managers, and professional lobbyists. Communication degrees also provide excellent preparation for careers in arbitration, negotiation, and labor relations.

Famous Communication graduates:

Connie Chung, Bob Costas, Walter Cronkite, James Gandolfini, Hugh Hefner, Hugh Jackman, “Magic” Johnson, Matt Lauer, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey