Communication & Humanities Faculty


Mike Crum

Faculty Assembly Chair
Instructor, Communication

  • Education:  M.A. in English, Northwest Missouri State University
    Graduate Work in Communications, 18 hrs, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Courses Taught:  Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking
  • Biography: I have been a communication instructor for 10+ years, I’ve worked at Coastal since 1995, and I am in my 3rd decade working as an educator, having also taught in the field of English. Prior to my settling in North Carolina, I graduated from college in Missouri,  then worked  in Texas (Houston, Laredo, and  El Paso), and in the Middle East (2 years Abu Dhabi, UAE, and 1 year Jubal, Saudi Arabia).  As a result of this work history and a good deal of travel, I’ve had a wide variety of cultural experiences, which have helped fuel my interest in communication. A few years after being hired at Coastal as an English instructor, I went back to school (UNC-Chapel Hill) and completed the required graduate coursework to teach communication, and that’s how I became a member of our Communication Department. Outside of work, my favorite activity is functional fitness.

Dr. Michael Ellis

Department Head, Humanities/ Instructor, Communication

  • Education:  B.A. in Speech Communication, Indiana University
    M.A.Ed. in Adult Education, East Carolina University
    Ph.D. in Communication, The Ohio State University
  • Courses Taught at Coastal:  Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication
  • Courses Taught Elsewhere:  Intro to Communication, Intro to Mass Media, History of Cinema and Film, Communication Theory, Research in Communication, Public Speaking, Education Theory, Freedom of Speech, and other courses in Communication and Education.
  • Biography:  I was originally born in the Buckeye State, but have made North Carolina my home for more than a decade. I met my wife, Janet, on the campus of IU our Freshman year. In 2016 we will have been married 33 years. My passions are in teaching and serving others, raising awareness about Cystic Fibrosis, helping people improve their station in life, and in exploring the world.  Now that I am living near the beach, I hope to resume SCUBA diving the underwater environs of the North Carolina shores.

Elizabeth Giarmo

Instructor, Communication

  • Education: B.A. in Communication with  Minors in Psychology and Leadership, Central Michigan University
    M.A. in Communication, Eastern Michigan University
  • Courses Taught: Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking
  • Courses Taught Elsewhere: Public Speaking at Eastern Michigan University
  • Biography: I am very excited to begin my educational career at Coastal Carolina Community College.  I knew I wanted to teach communication courses when I was inspired as a young student at the community college in my hometown of Monroe, Michigan. I see effective communication as the means for building strong, long-lasting relationships! Before coming to Coastal, I recently had taught public speaking courses at Eastern Michigan University as a graduate teaching assistant, and I also gained experience in various subjects at the high school level as a permanent substitute teacher. I truly enjoy teaching not only because of the relationships we build together in the classroom, but also because of the lessons we learn as both educators and students far beyond the basic parameters of the course curriculum.  When free time permits, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, reading, blogging, singing (mostly in isolation!), taking walks, and playing volleyball and softball.  As an interesting side note, I have an identical twin sister!

Barbara Guess

Instructor, Humanities & Philosophy

  • Education:  B.S. in Journalism, Liberty University
    M.A. in Liberal Studies, New School University
    Graduate Work in Philosophy, 32 hrs, The Graduate Center (City University of New York)
  • Courses Taught at Coastal:  Introduction to Ethics and Technology and Society
  • Courses Taught Elsewhere:  Introduction to Philosophy, Contemporary Moral Issues, Business Ethics, Introduction to Logic, Political Philosophy, Gender and Knowledge and College Success
  • Biography:  I have been teaching for ten years. I love teaching philosophy because it encourages students to think about universal ideas and their relationship to them. I grew up in Asheville, NC and moved to NYC to pursue my career. While earning my Masters I found my love for philosophy. I am thrilled to teach at Coastal and return to NC. I’ve returned with my wonderful husband and three year old son.

Arness Krause

Instructor, Communication

  • Education: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Governors State University
    M.A. in Communication Studies, Governors State University
    Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, Governors State University
  • Courses Taught: Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, and Mathematics
  • Courses Taught Elsewhere: Persuasive Theory, Intercultural Communication, Advanced Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Public Speaking, Mass Communication, Listening, Conflict Management, Introduction to Communication
  • Biography: I have been an educator for 10 years both at the community college and university levels teaching face-to-face, online, and blended classes. I also developed the forensics (speech and debate) team at Governors State University, competing throughout the Midwest. In addition to teaching a variety of communication courses, I have also enjoyed teaching mathematics, particularly at the developmental level.
  • Personal Interests: When free time permits, I enjoy reading, swimming, going to the beach, and working for a variety of non-profits in the community.