Humanities Department

Welcome to the Humanities Department!

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Why study humanities?

Philosophy, history, literature, art and psychology ask big questions. What is beauty? Is there a purpose to life? Should we implicitly trust our emotions? What is the difference between good and bad behavior and who gets to decide? How have others before me answered these questions? Humanities rarely gives definitive answers, what it does is to encourage the student to think for themselves. It encourages students to answer the big questions.

Personal benefits:

  • Gain critical thinking skills
  • The ability to create and analyze arguments
  • The ability to understand other’s viewpoints
  • Encourages creativity
  • Develops informed citizens
  • Empathy
  • Gain cultural literacy

Professional benefits:

In order to be successful in an occupation, any occupation, you need certain skills. The ability to evaluate options, create a logical and well thought out position and accept feedback from others. You also need the mental and emotional flexibility to update your position when necessary and work well with others. These are the skills that the humanities teach. Regardless of your occupation, humanities will help you be successful in it.

Public benefits:

Public education began in this country so that our citizens would have the skills needed to be informed citizens. In order to be a good citizen, you must not only vote, but you must vote according to your evaluation of the candidates and their positions. Humanities’ gives its students the knowledge and mental acuity needed to make such evaluations and be a good citizen.

What can you do with a degree in the humanities?

Since the focus in humanities is on the ability to think, reason, write, understand yourself and others and express your creativity, it has a multitude of career opportunities. Some of the popular career choices for humanities majors, include, writing and publishing, advertising and public relations, artist and museum curator and foreign correspondent and linguist.

Famous Humanities graduates:

Ted Turner, Conan O’Brien, Carly Fiorina, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Stewart Butterfield and Jon Stewart