Religion Department

Welcome to the Religion Department!

For class descriptions please refer to the current catalog.

Why study religion?

  1. Broaden perspectives
  2. Appreciate religious liberty issues
  3. Understand world culture
  4. Appreciate the vastness of world history
  5. Recognize the risks of religious extremism

Personal benefits:

  1. Develop an adult ethical perspective
  2. Develop a well-rounded personality
  3. Develop leadership skills
  4. Understand current events
  5. Gain critical thinking skills.

Professional benefits:

  1. Gain dual perspective
  2. Appreciate and work with people of different cultures & beliefs
  3. Understand the basis of Western culture
  4. Understand the impact of an individual’s cultural , personal & religious beliefs during professional interactions

Public benefits:

  1. Develop personal ethical guidelines
  2. Gain the ability to work with diverse groups
  3. Develop an appreciation & tolerance of other’s, cultural, religious, personal customs, & beliefs

What can you do with a degree in the religion?

  1. Anything a Humanities major can do
  2. Career as clergy/chaplain
  3. Teach at universities, seminaries or community college
  4. Become an author of devotional or historical literature

Famous Religion graduates:

MLK Jr., Christy Turlington, Bill Moyer, Willard Scott, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maya Angelou, Shane Battier