High School Counselor Checklist for CCPP

High school counselors play an integral role in advising students regarding the Career and College Promise Program.  The checklist below will assist you in working with students and parents throughout the application and admission process.

>>Download the printable version of our CCPP Checklist

  • Identify students who may benefit from taking CCPP courses.
  • Review the CCPP Program with the student.
  • Review the CCPP application with student.
  • Verify college readiness by placement tests and weighted GPA.
    SAT (taken 3/2016 or later) PSAT (2015 or later) Pre-ACT ACT NC DAP
    Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480 Writing & Language 26 English 18 English 18 English and Reading Composite score of 151 or higher
    Reading 26 Reading 22 Reading 22
    Mathematics 530 Mathematics 24.5 Mathematics 22 Mathematics 22 Mathematics 7 on each assessment for DMA 010 – 060
  • Provide student with copies of current transcript, and any qualifying scores (SAT, ACT, PSAT, or Pre-ACT).
  • Check “NC DAP Required” on application for students who have not met the qualifying score requisites.
  • Determine Pathway and courses student will take. Remember to list “alternative” courses.
  • Review the CCPP application for completeness.
  • Sign application only after student and parent have signed it.
  • Ensure there is a signature on the High School Principal/Designee line, even if you as the counselor must sign a second time.
  • Instruct the student to return a copy of the college schedule for high school records.

Effective the Summer 2017 semester, Coastal Carolina will no longer offer the option for Provisional enrollment.  Those students currently admitted under this criteria will be grandfathered in.