Steps for Admission & Enrollment in CCPP

  1. Obtain a copy of the CCPP Program Booklet and Application
  2. Complete key components of the application:
    1. Complete the Student Information and Medical Information Section
    2. Select a Career and College Pathway
    3. Complete the College Readiness Verification Section
      1. Write in current weighted high school grade point average
      2. Attach a copy of your current high school transcript
      3. Write in qualifying assessment scores and attach a copy. (EX. SAT, ACT, PSAT, Pre-ACT)
    4. Select courses you wish to take and include your release time.
    5. Select the semester
  3. Meet with your high school guidance counselor to review your plan and get signatures
  4. Take your completed application to Coastal Admissions Office (Student Services)
  5. Take the Coastal Placement Test (NC DAP) if necessary
    1. Get a testing schedule and study guides from Coastal’s Admission Office
    2. For Online practice, go to
    3. Review test scores with a Coastal Academic Counselor/Advisor
  6. Go to Coastal to enroll in classes
  7. Get a Coastal photo ID card, parking placard, and purchase textbooks
  8. Mark your calendar for the first day of class

IMPORTANT!  The Career & College Application must be submitted with a copy of a current high school transcript and copies of any qualifying assessments. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Effective the Summer 2017 semester, Coastal Carolina will no longer offer the option for Provisional enrollment.  Those students currently admitted under this criteria will be grandfathered in.