Steps for Admission & Enrollment in CCPP

  1. Complete key components of the application:
    1. Complete the Student Information and Medical Information Sections.
    2. Complete the College Readiness Verification Section.
      1. Write in current weighted high school GPA and attach a copy of your transcript.
      2. Write in all qualifying assessment scores and attach a copy of each set of scores.
    3. Select a Pathway. Returning students may not change pathways without written permission.
    4. Select courses you wish to take. Courses must be in in your chosen pathway.
    5. Select the semester. Students must complete a new application for each semester.
    6. Write in high school release times for each semester.
  2. Meet with your high school counselor to review your plan and get signatures.
  3. Return your completed application to the College Liaison or the Coastal Admissions Office.
  4. If necessary, take the Coastal Placement Test (NC DAP).
    1. The Testing Schedule and Study Guides may be found at under “Quick Links” – Placement Testing.
    2. Additional online practice may be found at
    3. Go to Coastal Admissions to review test scores two (2) business after testing.
  5. Go to Coastal Admissions to enroll in approved classes on date determined. Contact College Liaison for specific dates.
  6. Get a Coastal Photo ID, parking placard, and textbooks.
  7. Mark your calendar for the first day of class.


  • Returning students may not change pathways without written permission.
  • Students in the College Transfer pathways must fulfill requirements of the selected pathway before being eligible to enroll in additional courses (check the boxes).
  • Beginning with the 9th grade class of 2015–2016, students will receive AP weighted high school credit for completion of college courses.