Programs Not Eligible for Pell

Curriculum Code Program Title
C35100B Basic Refrigeration Certificate
C35100C Heating and Cooling Systems Certificate
C35100E Comfort Cooling Certificate
C35100R Residential Technician Certificate
C40100 Architectural Drafting and Design I Certificate
C40100A Architectural Drafting and Design II Certificate
C60160 Automotive Systesm Technology Certificate
C60160P Powertrain Certificate
C60160E Engine Performance Certificate
C60160U Undercar Certificate
C60130F Collision Repair Introductory Certificate
C60130G Collision Repair Intermediate Certificate
C60130H Collision Repair Advanced Certificate
C60130E Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Certifcate
C55150A Professional Culinarian I
C55150C Professional Sous-Chef
C60460 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Certificate
C60460A Medium/Heavy Duty Power Train Certificate
C60460B Medium/Heavy Duty Drive Train Certificate
C60460C Heavy Duty Truck Systems Certificate
C35130 Residential Electrical Systems Certificate
C35130A Commerical Electrical Systems Certificate
C35130B Industrial Electrical Systems Technology Certificate
C40200 Basic Electronics Certificate
C40200A Advanced Electronics Applications Certificate
C40200C Computer Technology Certificate
C55460A Administration Certificate
C55460R Response and Recovery Certificate
C55240 General Level Certificate
C55240C General Level 2 Certificate
C55240B Incident Command Level Certificate
C55240D Fire Supervisor Certificate
C45630 Health and Fitness Science Certificate
C25110 Hospitality Specialist
C25110F Hospitality Food and Beverage Specialist
C25590N Network Management
C25590W Administration & Design Certificate
C55400 Manicuring/Nail Technology
C25380L Litigation Legal Assistant Certificate
C50420A Structural Welder Certificate
C50420B Combination Welder Certificate
C50420C Certified Welder Certificate