Online BookstoreThe College Store, located in the Student Center, provides required textbooks, study materials, and supplies. Textbooks can also be purchased via the Online College Store. The College Store offers Coastal clothing as well as a selection of insignia merchandise, gifts, and electronics.

Please note that Student ID numbers are required to purchase books at the College (Book) Store. ID numbers are given to you upon registration.

You can contact the College Store by calling 910.938.6295.

Hours of Operation

If you are in need of a textbook for your course, please email
John Mooney ( or
Lauren Eddings (
to make an appointment.

Methods of Payment

  • Cash
  • Personal check – with valid Coastal Carolina Student I.D.
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover
  • Scholarship/Pell Grant*

*Scholarship/Pell Charges are accepted during specified dates before each semester for students who qualify. A valid Coastal Carolina Student I.D. must be presented.

Bucks for Books - Textbook Buy BackBucks for Books – Texbook BuyBack

A textbook buy-back is scheduled during the days of final exams for the purpose of buying and recycling of textbooks for the next semester.

10 Things that affect how much you get for your text books:

  1. Participation in buyback during specific dates posted
  2. Whether or not you are selling the textbook during the same semester in which you purchased it
  3. Whether or not your book is in the wholesale buyback guide
  4. Whether or not there is an overstock of your book, due to class cancellations or over ordering
  5. Whether or not the book publisher has changed the book edition
  6. Whether or not the book is still being used by the college
  7. The condition of the textbook
  8. Your place in the buyback line
  9. The quantity of your book needed for the store
  10. Whether or not the book you have is included on the IN DEMAND textbook list

FYI: Did you know that you could receive half of the new price, even if you bought the book used?

If the college store needs the book (it is on our IN DEMAND buyback book list), and you show up on buyback day before the quantity needed is reached, you will receive half of the new textbook price.

For example:

You buy a used History book for $50.00. The new ones sell for $75.00. At the end of the semester, you get up early, wait in line, and the book is on the IN DEMAND book list for a needed quantity of 60. If you reach the front of the line before the 60th textbook is received, you will be paid $37.50 for your textbook. If you originally paid $50.00 for the book and now receive $37.50 back, you essentially paid $12.50 for the book.