Student Employment on Campus

Current Campus Job Vacancies for Coastal Students

The following departments currently have vacancies:

Department Positions Available
America Reads  x
Biology & Chemistry
Business Office
Café  x
Career Center  x
CLNC Ext Program
Continuing Education
Financial Aid
Fine Art–Drama/Music
Fleet Maintenance
Information Tech
Math Division
MCAS New River
Physical Education
Student Services


How to Apply

If you are a Coastal Student currently seeking employment, please complete a Federal Work Study (FWS) Application in Financial Aid or with the Career Center on Campus. For more information about FWS requirements to work on campus, visit the Federal Work Study Program page.

Steps to apply for student employment on campus:

  1. Complete an application for Work Study
  2. Complete the background release form
  3. Submit your application materials to the Work Study Coordinator and submit a copy of your application to the department supervisor in which you desire employment (based on the list of vacancies) in person or by email attachment. If you need assistance determining who to send your materials to, please contact the FWS Coordinator in Financial Aid for assistance or you may contact the Career Center and someone will help you.

Student Employment on campus is a terrific way to gain paid experience before graduation and to be able to apply knowledge and skills learned through classroom experiences. Students pursuing academic programs have the opportunity to work in a number of departments across campus while attending Coastal. Copies of job descriptions for all work study positions on campus are available in the Career Center as well as in the Financial Aid Office. If you would like to review the job descriptions for any positions on campus, please stop by Career Services in LRC113 or the Financial Aid Office in Student Services. You may also email for information regarding employment on campus and in the surrounding area.

Positions are vacant until filled unless otherwise noted.