Digital Photography

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These courses cover the basic capabilities of digital cameras, compositions, photography concepts, and using software applications, such as Adobe Elements, to correct, enhance, or restore photographs. The length of the course is 24 hours unless otherwise noted in the schedule. Classes are offered both during the day and in the evenings.

Digital Photography Concepts I

Learn how to take better pictures. The Digital Photography Concepts I course explores at what factors are associated with creating strong visual images. Students learn composition principles, use of color, contrast, range of focus, shutter speed to steer the viewer’s eyes to key features in you photographs. The students are given creative assignments that are reviewed during class. The combination of a sound principles and practice guide the student to take better control of their photographic results. The course is structured to facilitate open sharing of ideas and techniques among students and instructor.

Prerequisite: Students are asked to bring their camera and manual to class.
Course length: 24 hours

Digital Photography Concepts II

Enhance your way of seeing potential pictures and using that vision to take your images to the next level.   This intermediate level class will be a blend of lectures, discussion groups and fun exercises with image critiques. We will cover subjects like the creative process, storytelling, street photography, Black and White, working with people, breaking the rules and more. The class will focus on the ART of photography where they will be pushed to expand their creativity and gain more satisfaction from their pictures. The students are given challenging assignments that are reviewed during class. The course is structured to facilitate open sharing of ideas and techniques among students and instructor.


  1. Students are asked to bring their camera and the manual to class.
  2. Digital Camera Concepts I and Digital Camera Operations I classes or demonstrated equivalent experience.

Course length: 24 hours

Digital Photography Operations I

Unlock the full capabilities of your digital camera. This course will explore how digital cameras work and how to take advantage of new digital camera capabilities. This fun, yet challenging, class is designed to give the student confidence with operating their Cameras. Students learn how and when to control critical camera parameters such as resolution, exposure, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO, creative modes and other operational settings. Learn to take your camera off its program mode and begin to successfully capture high impact images in the more challenging environments (low light). This class is better suited to the owners of Digital SLR cameras over Point and Shoot Cameras. Students are asked to bring their camera and its manual to class.

Digital Photography Operations II

This intermediate digital photography course will help guide the student to a higher understanding of how make digital cameras work for them. The class uses lectures combined with hands-on practice to build camera skills and understanding of their camera. We will explore two techniques that include taking images in specific ways and then using Photoshop elements to extract the data into higher quality images. Students learn to better control and understand critical camera parameters. Students in this class will develop data for their own camera systems that will show its specific strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize image quality. Some of the areas covered include expanding resolution through use of photo stitch techniques, expanding dynamic range using HRD photography, finding the lens’s “sweat spot’, shooting on manual, shooting in “raw” format and operating a camera on manual. Students are required to bring their camera and its manual to class.

Fixing Digital Images

This course provides students with the concepts and skills to apply basic “fixes” to digital camera images. The course covers identification of common digital image issues and the application of techniques to correct them.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements

Bring out the best in your digital images with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. This class is designed for photo enthusiasts. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements provides the tools for making quick fixes as well as detailed improvements. This course is designed both for those with no previous image editing experience and those upgrading to Elements 10 from an earlier version of the program.

Introduction to Your Digital Camera

This course offers an excellent introduction to the basic capabilities of digital cameras and an explanation of how to set them up and use them to your best advantage. No prior digital photography experience is necessary.

Pictures to Profits – Part 1

Down to Basics. This course is designed for the student who wishes to transition from taking everyday pictures to becoming a serious, business-minded photographer. Participants will learn the basics of any camera, proper lighting, and photo composition. Additionally, they will study focused areas of photography, including portrait, wedding, landscape, and photojournalism.

Pictures to Profits – Part 2

Advanced Photography Skills. This second course in the series is designed for the avid or business-focused photographer and includes technical aspects of digital photography, historic and contemporary trends in photography, aesthetics, and the visual art of portraits and other types of photography.