Cooking Classes & Culinary Courses

Please refer to the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for upcoming dates and times.

Get Cooking at Coastal with our professional chefs and bakers who are excited to share and teach culinary techniques to create restaurant-style appetizers, entrees, and desserts! Through hands-on instruction, students will learn effective tips and tricks to increase their culinary abilities to spice up recipes and produce delicious new menu ideas.

Prerequisites: Basic cooking and baking skills are most beneficial. All cooking, baking, and wine classes are held in the Culinary Building located at 253 Western Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546.

All participants need to wear the following items for cooking and baking class:

  • Bib apron
  • long pants
  • enclosed shoe made of leather or non-permeable material
  • chef-style skull cap or a head covering*

*Culinary style skull caps available through Amazon or at Greg’s Uniform shop 415 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546

Seats are limited so be sure to register ten days before the class starts to save your seat!

Classic Mother Sauces

The secret is in the sauce! There are five basic sauces on which all other sauces are based. These five sauces are called the “mother sauces” and learning them will open a whole new dimension in your culinary world!

French Bakery Basics

This class is designed to provide students with a foundation in baking French breads and macaroons. The instructor will demonstrate proper techniques to bake basic French breads such as flatbreads, and croissants. This class is the prerequisite for other French baking classes.

French Breads

Attention bread bakers! Join Chef Marcinda in this advanced bread baking class where you will hone your bread baking skills and create new artisan-style breads. The focus is placed on perfecting techniques, product enhancement and variations to create a bountiful bread repertoire.

Gingerbread Creations

Have you ever wanted to design and make a gingerbread house, or other creations made out of gingerbread? Students will construct and decorate one enchanted gingerbread creation such as a chalet, Victorian style house, church with stained glass windows, or a classically designed gingerbread house. Display your gingerbread creation in your bakery or in home just in time to deck the halls with the smell and joy of the holidays. Prerequisite: Basic kitchen navigation skill and have experience baking various items.

Heart & Soul Foods

Safeguard your heart and soul as you feed your stomach with heart-healthy soul foods just like grandma used to make without the guilt but equally as tasty. In this class, Chef Channing will discuss healthy food alternatives and cooking methods to makeover classic dishes. Students will implement the new techniques to create comfort soul foods such as chopped bar-b-que, fried chicken, baked macaroni & cheese, collards and other southern staples making them lighter and more health conscious!

Herbs, Spices & Marinades

If you’re ready to go beyond the basics and delve into herbs and spices that characterize the world’s cuisines, this class if for you. Learn how to select fresh herbs and dried spices to craft tasty eats and succulent marinades. Chef Marcinda will demonstrate how to layer complementary spices to turn ordinary dishes into a flavorful new dish. She will also explain how to preserve fresh herbs the proper ways to use dried and fresh spices.

Holiday A. B. C. ~ Appetizers, Beverages, & Cocktails

Appetizers, Beverages, and Cocktails are holiday essentials. In this class, students will learn holiday prep A B Cs to turn an ordinary party into an event that will be the envy of the year. Chef Marcinda will discuss and demonstrate how to create decadent and easy Appetizers, thirst quenching Beverages, and virgin Cocktails with holiday flair. Students will learn how to plate, decorate, and construct a fabulous table scape to present an impressive holiday soiree sure to put joy in every holiday celebration.

Mobile Food Truck

Are you passionate about food? Determined to be your own boss and run your own business? The Mobile Food Truck industry is a new emerging business that is just waiting for foodies and culinary entrepreneurs to bring new menu ideas to the Food Truck Industry. You can be the next big sensation! This course will show you how to drive your dreams into reality.

Thanksgiving Thyme!

Mastering Thanksgiving Dinner in a timely manner has become the ultimate triumph of any North American kitchen since the first American Thanksgiving. Here is your opportunity to learn how to master turkey and ham preparation complete with all the sides. After this class your Thanksgiving will turn out perfect every thyme just in thyme for your Thanksgiving feast.