Electronic Health Record Specialist

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The Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) is for the student who wants to be part of the solution in the national conversion to the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This course will prepare the student for an administrative career in the healthcare industry focusing on various healthcare information management areas including an Introduction to Electronic Health Records, Privacy, Confidentiality and Security, Overview of Electronic Health Records Software, Using the Electronic Health Record for Reimbursement, Clinical Use of the Electronic Health Record, Health Promotion, Patient Education, and Clinical Decision Support. As a student in the CEHRS program, training is provided to prepare for certification. EHR applications are incorporated throughout the course for hands-on experience that allow the student to practice and apply concepts.

Duties of the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist will continue to evolve as national guidelines are implemented. While they will vary between treatment facilities, they may include ensuring patient health information is complete and accurate; entering computer data of all aspects of the EHR; entering coding and billing information into the EHR for reimbursement; and ensuring adherence with regulatory standards.

Why CEHRS?nationalHealthCare

Earn a stackable credential as a CEHRS through National HealthCareer Association

  • Increase skill level and expertise
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Expand locations for employability
  • Increase pay scale