Home Care Nurse Aide Specialist

Please refer to the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for upcoming dates and times.

This four-phased program includes the Nurse Aide I course and culminates in the Home Care Nurse aide course.

  • Phase One is an introduction to health care jobs, career opportunities, and job seeking/keeping skills. (16 hours)
  • Phase Two, Direct Care Basics, provides students with the knowledge and skills to provide direct care to individuals in a variety of settings (60 hours)
  • Phase Three is the current Nurse Aide I approved course. Upon completion of this course, students will take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Exam for North Carolina and be added to the NC NA I registry.
  • Phase Four provides advanced training in home care for the Nurse Aide I. Upon completion, students are eligible for listing as a home care nurse aide with the NC Nurse Aide Registry.

If you are interested in completing this course, or if you are already on the Nurse Aide I registry in North Carolina and are interested in attending the other phases of this program, please contact the Continuing Education division.

Course Description

Building on Nurse Aide I competencies, the Home Care Aide focuses on enhancing specific skills needed when working in a home setting including person center care, patient and personal safety, hydration/nutrition, mental health, dementia, behavioral changes, and pain management. Upon course completion, the student is awarded a Community College certificate, is eligible for listing on the Home Care Nurse Aide Registry with Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR), and can pursue employment.

Course length: 100 hours.

Prerequisite: Nurse Aide I and TABE test required.
Advancement: Students can advance in the direct care field (including salary increases) in health/home care settings and other direct care worker settings including private contracting in individuals’ homes.