Please refer to the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for upcoming dates and times.

These continuing education classes in general automotive technology, the North Carolina Automotive Safety Program, and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Emission Control are for specific “just-in-time” training and should not be confused with the diploma or certificate program offered by the College.

Auto Chassis Electronics

This course will cover the interpreting of wire diagrams and diagnosis and repair of automotive chassis, electrical, and electronic systems.

Automotive Brake Systems

This course covers the operation and types, diagnosis, service, and repair of brake systems. Topics include drum and disc brakes involving hydraulic, vacuum boost, hydra-boost, electronically powered boost, and anti-lock, and parking brake systems.

Automotive Servicing – Heating & Air Conditioning

This course covers the diagnosis and repair of climate control components and systems, recovering/recycling of refrigerants, and safety and environmental regulations using appropriate tools, equipment and service information.

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

For the automotive technician, this course will provide a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law and electrical circuits. Topics covered will include how and why to use a digital storage oscilloscope to diagnose and test automotive sensors, fuel injectors and other components, and the set-up and use of different types in use today at automotive centers. Time permitting, scanner use will also be covered.

Engine Performance: Electrical Automotive

This course will cover the principles, systems, and procedures for diagnosing and restoring engine performance using electrical/electronics test equipment. A textbook is required.

Engine Performance: Fuels

This course covers the principles of fuel delivery/management, exhaust/emission systems, and procedures for diagnosing and restoring engine performance using appropriate test equipment. A textbook is required.

Introduction to Automotive Technology

This course covers workplace safety, hazardous material and environmental regulations, use of hand tools, service information resources, basic concepts, systems, and terms of automotive technology.
Course Length:
60 hours

NC Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection

This course prepares auto technicians and service personnel as safety and emission inspectors for motor vehicles. The state examination will be given on the last evening of class. A textbook is provided.
Course Length:
60 hours

Escort Vehicle Operator

This course satisfies the requirements set by North Carolina Department of Transportation to certify Oversize-Overweight Load Escort Vehicle Drivers. Course components consist of defensive driving, escort driver requirements, skills training, and an examination.
Course length:
8 hours

NC OBD Emission Control Inspection

This course is designed to prepare auto technicians and service personnel as On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) emission inspectors for motor vehicles. Course topics include regulations and test inspection procedures required by the NC DMV Enforcement Section for OBD emission inspectors. Upon completion, a student should understand the rules, regulations, and procedures for OBD emission inspections, be able to inspect a vehicle properly, and be prepared to sit for the state certification exam. A textbook is required.
Course Length:
8 hours

Steering & Suspension Systems

This course covers principles of operation, types, and diagnosis/repair of steering and suspension systems. Topics include manual and power steering and standard and electronically controlled systems. Upon completion, students should be able to service and repair components, check and adjust wheel alignment, and balance wheels.