Online Tutoring for Distance Learning Students

Tutoring is available to online students for the same subject areas as in seated classes. Online students can send their tutoring request to the following:

Math, Chemistry or Accounting Students

If your request is regarding an online course in math, chemistry, or accounting (ACC 120 or 121), your message will be forwarded to a subject-area specialist. You should receive a response from the tutor within forty-eight (48) hours, excluding weekends and college holidays.

Writing Students

If your request is regarding a written assignment for an online course, it will be forwarded to a tutor in our on-campus writing lab, room 200, the Academic Studies Center, in the Continuing Education Building. The on-campus writing lab’s hours are 7:30 am – 9 pm Monday through Thursday and 7:30 am – 5 pm Friday, with English tutors available at all times. Visiting the writing lab in person is always strongly encouraged over online assistance, and a paper can be brought in multiple times. Please read the guidelines below very carefully to ensure your paper or assignment receives the appropriate attention.

  1. The response time is 3 business days, excluding weekends and college holidays. Busy times for the writing lab such as midterms and finals can delay tutor response time. We strongly recommend you submit your paper a week minimum before it is due!
  2. Your name, online course title and instructor name, assignment in detail, and student number must all be included with your submitted writing question(s) or paper so that it can be verified that you are a current CCCC student and the assignment is for a CCCC online course. Otherwise the submission will be disregarded. Also, please state as specifically as possible at the top of the page your writing concerns or problems. The writing lab cannot turn a “D” paper into an “A” paper, nor are we an editing service meant to find every mistake. This is a service provided to tutor online students with specific writing concerns. Keep in mind the more detailed description of the assignment, the more the tutor can help.
  3. Please submit .doc or .docx files for review.