Sign Language Interpreter

Facilitate communication between College personnel and hearing-impaired students in order to support reasonable accommodations for successful student engagement within a post-secondary educational environment by providing classroom and on-call interpreting/transliterating services to identified students; reviewing and preparing course materials to support classroom interpreting; and substituting for other interpreters on an as-needed basis.  A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent, proficient communication skills necessary for interpreting within a post-secondary educational environment, and full or provisional Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment (EIPA) licensure with a score of Level III or higher, required.  In addition, licensure in one or more of the following credential areas (1) Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf; (2) National Association for the Deaf; and (3) North Carolina Interpreter Classification System, preferred.

Salary:  $30.00 per hour with actual hours, not to exceed 25 per week, to be determined based on documented accommodation needs.

Start Date:  February 19, 2018.

Closing Date:  February 2, 2018, or open until filled.