2019 Student Art Exhibition- Accepted Entries!

Coastal Carolina Community College is proud to announce the entries selected for the call 26th Annual Student Art Exhibition. The exhibition will be open from March 26 – April 12 in the Fine Arts Building, with a reception on March 26 from 4:30-6:00 pm. Awards announced at 5:00pm.

Adel Abudayeh – FOR YOU 24X24 Mix Media on canvas .jpg

Todd Choiniere – 26DF6660-F424-4B83-84EE-F6724FA5BA7F.jpeg


Nathaniel Dunlap – Nathaniel Dunlap_Charcol Portrait_7.5’x7’_Proclaimer_7-12-17.jpeg

Anthony Lopez – ANTHONYLOPEZ_INK_9x11_extrovert_12-25-2018.jpg

Irina Yarovaya – IrinaYarovaya_Watercolor_8x10_Le Spectre de la Rose_2019.jpg

Irina Yarovaya – IrinaYarovaya_Watercolor_11x14_Peony. Summer rain in the evening_2019.JPG

Steven Tobias – 20190303_182201.jpg

Steven Tobias – 20190303_182047.jpg

Felicia Tobias – 20190303_181827.jpg

Helen Ricklefs – Ricklefs_clay_4x3x3_youreagoodegg_2019_2.jpg

Helen Ricklefs – Ricklefs_clay_4x3x3_youreagoodegg_2019_1.jpg

Zoe Chambers – Zoe Chambers_Photography_8X10_A Flame in the Dark_2019.jpg

Corey Phillips – Corey Phillips Landscape.JPG

Jesus Santiago – F4FF2C13-F95B-48D4-94C1-F90883C0612F.jpeg

Jesus Santiago – A01A7D62-D070-426F-92CC-85DDBE660B0D.jpeg

Jesus Santiago – 7B62D3C3-5A24-4280-B121-4F7AC2018C8A.jpeg

Angelo Gardner – AngeloGardner_Acrylic_11x14_Halcyon_2018.jpg

Angelo Gardner – AngeloGardner_Acrylic_8x10_Anxiety_2019.jpg

Joy Parker – Joy Parker_Acrylic on Canvas_20X20_Oil Slick_2018.jpg

Nathaniel Dunlap – Nathaniel Dunlap_Pen Stippling Portrait_11’x14’_Warrior_11-7-18.jpeg

Nathaniel Dunlap – Nathaniel Dunlap_Graphite Portrait_11’x14’_She’s a Mystery Girl_ 3-1-19.jpeg

Emily Hall – EmilyH_Tiger_MixMedia_14x17_2018.JPG

Alex Phillips – headspaces.png

Faith Johnson-Blevins – F1CBE2D3-5DF2-4A63-A072-8C97278D00F9.jpeg

Jacine Vick – JacineVick_Ink_11x15_BlownAway_2017.JPG

Andrew White – Andrew_DigitalPhoto_8x12_InsectRain_2019.jpg.jpg

Cat Akerman  – CatAkerman_Sculpture_16in_SelfPortait_2018_3.jpg

Cat Akerman  – CatAkerman_Sculpture_16in_SelfPortait_2018_2.jpg

Cat Akerman  – CatAkerman_Sculpture_16in_SelfPortait_2018_1.jpg

Cat Akerman  – CAkerman_Acrylic_12x12_LookingThroughtheGlass2017 .jpg

Cat Akerman  – CatAkerman_Oils_8x10_WhenLifeGivesYouLemons_2018.jpg

Patricia Kirley – #2.jpeg

Shawna Cserenyi – ShawnaCserenyi_Photograph_TreeCity_2019.jpg

Ian Murray – IanMurray_DigitalArt_8x12_PunkRobot_2019.png

Ian Murray – IanMurray_DigitalArt_8x12_InsaneInTheBrain_2019.png

Delivery dates for accepted work: Deliver to FA 101 on March 21 from 7:30-9:00am & 12:00-1:30pm or on March 22 from 10:00-2:00pm. Additional times by appointment only.

Specifications for accepted work:

Two-dimensional work must be dry, framed, wired, and ready to hang (no cords, strings, or saw-tooth hangers). ***Work that does not have hanging wire securely attached will not be accepted.

Three-dimensional work that is freestanding must be supplied with the appropriate stands/pedestals. Coastal has a locked display case for small-scale sculptural work.

*All submissions are subject to Administrative review.

*Work not accurately represented by the submission image will not be accepted.

Liability: Work is not covered by insurance. Coastal Carolina Community College will make every effort to care for the work but we cannot take responsibility for damage or loss to the submitted work.

Selection of work: A student committee will be selecting the work for this year’s exhibition. All artwork is subject to administrative review.

Pick-up of work: April 23 from 7:30-9:00am & 12:00-1:30pm or April 24 10:00-1:00pm. Additional times by appointment only. Work must be picked up by the artist or by a previously designated person.

Contact Kevin Mertens at 938-6369 mertensk@coastalcarolina.edu; Anna Pagnucci at 938-6116 pagnucciA@coastalcarolina.edu or Andrea Van Engelenhoven at 938-6157 vanengelenhovena@coastalcarolina.edu if you have any questions.