English Instructor Deborah Doolittle Selected as Finalist for Poet Laureate

Coastal Carolina Community College English Instructor Deborah Doolittle has been selected has one of the three finalists in the running for Pamlico Writers’ Group’s inaugural poet laureate, who will represent eastern North Carolina.

Doolittle, has lived in lots of different places but now calls North Carolina home. She has a BA from the University of Colorado, an MA from George Washington University, an MFA from San Diego State University, and now teaches at Coastal Carolina Community College.   Two chapbooks, No Crazy Notions and That Echo, have won the Mary Belle Campbell and Long Leaf Press Award, respectively.  She has had more than 350 poems published in literary magazines. Married to a retired Marine, she has a son and a daughter and three grandchildren.   When not teaching or writing, she volunteers as a Wildlife Rehabilitator.  She and her husband currently share their house with four cats and a backyard full of birds.

Coastal Carolina Community College wishes Instructor Doolittle the best of luck as she faces off at Arts of the Pamlico’s Turnage Theatre at 7:00 p.m. on February 3.