Emergency Medical Technician

This is a 228 hour course designed to train individuals to become emergency medical

The student will learn patient assessment and basic life support techniques including airway management and CPR; hemorrhage control; oxygen administration; shock; bandaging and splinting; skull, spine, and chest injuries; child birthing; exposure to cold and heat; and transferring patients to medical facilities.

Coastal Carolina Community College | Division of Continuing Education
444 Western Boulevard Jacksonville, NC 28546 | 910.938.6294 | www.coastalcarolina.edu


  1. Can I take the National Registry EMT Exam at the end of the EMT course?

YES: Our Initial EMT course does meet National Registry criteria. Upon successful competition of the EMT course you will be eligible to take the North Carolina and National Registry of EMT exams.

  1. What are the requirements to take the EMT course?

High School Diploma, Adult High School diploma, or GED® with a TABE test for reading comprehension score of 11.0 or higher, OR 17 years old by the end of the course and a TABE test for reading comprehension score of 11.0 or higher.

  1. Where do I take my TABE and what happens if I do not get the score I need?

The TABE may be taken on the CCCC campus or at the Base Education Center. The TABE score is good for 12 months.

CCCC TABE exam is located in room CE 200, M-W 0730-1900 on the second floor of the Hurst Continuing Education Building.  The student MUST present photo ID.  If you do not meet the minimum required score for the EMT course the staff will indicate the required remediation so the student may re-take the TABE.

  1. When do the EMT Courses start?

We offer several courses throughout the year.  You can review the dates for these courses a few ways:

  1. View out course catalog at: https://www.coastalcarolina.edu/con-ed/public-safety/ems/ select Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.
  2. Follow this link and move through the EMS Training Calendar to see Initial EMT courses available. https://www.coastalcarolina.edu/con-ed/public-safety/ems/
  3. Call the Continuing Education Office at 910-938-6294
  1. How do I register for the EMT course?

Come to the Hurst Continuing Education Building on campus, located at 444 Western Blvd. and complete the registration form remember to bring the students proof of GED or High school diploma and TABE score.

  1. When does registration for the EMT class close?

As long as the class is not full registration will remain open until the day class begins.  It is always best to register in advance. 

  1. If I am military or with a law enforcement agency do I still have to get a background check and drug screen?

YES:  To maintain valid and consistent results you are required to obtain a current background check and drug screen through the designated vendor. All results must be received prior to the student being able to begin their clinical rotation.

  1. Can I use my military vaccinations for the class?

YES:  You can obtain a copy of your vaccination record and upload it in to the Vaccination Tracker. The vaccination record will be reviewed and the student will receive notification of missing vaccines.  All vaccinations must be complete prior the student beginning the clinical rotation.

  1. How much does the EMT course cost:
    1. Registration Fee: $180.00 (Paid to CCCC at time of registration)
    2. Accident/Liability Insurance: $17.00 (Paid to CCCC at time of registration)
    3. Books: $250.00 estimated (prices may vary) (Paid to the CCCC book store)
    4. Vaccination Tracker: $30.00 (Paid to Castle Branch)
    5. Background Check $42.00 (Paid to Castle Branch)
    6. Drug Screen $40.00 (Paid to Castle Branch)
    7. North Carolina State Exam $68.00 (Paid to the State Office of EMS designated vendor)
    8. National Registry of EMTs Exam $75.00 (Paid to National registry of EMT’s designated vendor)

Estimated course total:                 $697.00

For possible financial assistance please contact our Human Services Office located in the Hurst Continuing Education Building, room 109 or call 910-938-6309

  1. Do I have to wear a uniform to class? 

NO:  In the classroom students may wear casual clothing that allows for movement such as bending, kneeling, lifting, performing CPR on the floor.  During clinical rotation EMT students are required to wear: Navy blue pants (NO JEANS or JEAN Material), a white collared shirt (Polo or button up) and closed toed shoes.