Hurricane Dorian Preparedness

Before The Storm

1.  Make An Emergency Plan

Review your plan with everyone in your household and know the safest place in your home.  In case of an evacuation, decide on a safe, familiar location where you and your household members can go for protection and reunite.  Do not forget to make a plan for your pets.

2. Secure Belongings

Ensure computers and other electronic devices are off the floor, unplugged, and covered with plastic both at home and at work.  Move all valuables away from windows and doors.  Secure all outdoor furniture and other items to avoid these objects becoming potential projectiles.  Prune trees and vegetation away from your home.

3.  Put Together A Disaster Supply Kit

Have enough supplies to be self-sufficient for two weeks.

Critical items to have on hand:

Bottled water

Non-perishable food

Flashlight and radio


Prescription medications


Pet food


Baby supplies

First-aid kit

Can opener

Copies of critical information

4.  Set Up Emergency Alerts

Sign-up with Coastal’s remind account at  For additional alerts, signup with local tv and radio, NOAA weather and weather apps.

In addition, Coastal will be updates social media accounts,, inclement weather phone line at 455-1221, and emails will be sent to all student, faculty and staff accounts.


During The Storm

Stay indoors throughout the entire storm.  Stay away from windows and doors.  Do not go outside until given the ALL CLEAR from county officials.


After The Storm

Stay Safe

Stay away from downed power lines and avoid floodwaters.  Use portable generators safely and in well-ventilated area.

Establish Communication

Immediately attempt to contact family and friends to let them know you are okay.  Check for regular College updates regarding work and class schedules.