IASSC Green Belt Exam Prep Online

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IASSC Green Belt Exam Prep Online

Affordable online class to earn
Six Sigma (IASSC) Green Belt certification
8 hours of course work weekly over 4 months
Material divided into the 5 DMAIC phases

All in preparation for the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) 100-question closed book Green Belt exam.


Registration Fee          $180.00
Textbook Fee              $113.00
Software Fee               $75.00
Student Insurance       $1.00
Supply Fee                   $5.00
Coastal Subtotal          $374.00
IASSC Exam Fee           $295.00
Grand Total                $669.00

**To purchase the book and software, please e-mail the Bookstore managers at mailto:mooneyj@coastalcarolina.edu and

*$295.00 Green Belt exam fee is paid separately to IASSC. Military units may make arrangements to pay for this training by using Coastal’s Requst for Billing Form or the DoD SF 182 form. E-mail any questions to Kelley Nielson.

Class dates: June 1 – September 28, 2020

Please send your registration form to-
Fax: 910.347.6174 or Email: coned@coastalcarolina.edu