Hurricane Florence Emergency Grant Funds

If you were impacted by Hurricane Florence, Coastal would like to help! Please do not hesitate to contact Student Services for more information about special grants from the State of North Carolina but also the Federal Government. The application is available by clicking here:

State Application for Emergency Grant

These funds, which are available to help individuals who were either enrolled in college in designated areas or lived in specified counties, stay in school. And, since these are grants and not loans, you may be eligible to receive money to pay for expenses related to Hurricane Florence that will help you stay enrolled and achieve your educational goals without worrying about future loan repayment.

For example, typical costs associated with attending college include:

Tuition: Current or past due balances from Fall 2018

School Supplies: Textbooks, laptop, notebooks, etc.

Food: Weekly groceries or meals on campus

Transportation: Bus fare, vehicle payment, vehicle insurance, gas, etc.

Housing: Rent, mortgage, security deposit, un-paid hurricane damage repair bills, utilities

Credit Cards Bills with charges related to school or hurricane-related expenses

Healthcare: Outstanding medical bills, insurance payments or medication bills

Communication: Internet, cell-phone service

(Please include a copy of your current monthly bills for items above with your State of North Carolina Emergency Grant application)

Again, these funds are intended to help all students impacted by Hurricane Florence. Please call Student Services (910-938-6394) or visit Student Services in the Student Center, even if you think you may not need it or have received other forms of support (i.e., insurance), in order to determine what funds or resources may be available to you.

Application for Hurricane Florence Relief Grants-

Coastal is administering special grants provided by the State of North Carolina. To download the application, please carefully read the eligibility requirements as well as directions for completing these documents; however, if you have any questions, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. Please call Student Services (910-938-6394) or visit Student Services in the Student Center.

State Application for Emergency Grant

The purpose of the Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Act, as passed into law by the North Carolina General Assembly, is to provide assistance to enrolled students who suffered financial hardship due to damage and destruction from Hurricane Florence. These funds may be used to cover any expenses that support continued enrollment, including costs related to transportation, textbooks, tuition, fees, and living expenses.

The College will accept applications on a first come, first-served basis, and each application, once it is determined to be complete, will not only be thoroughly reviewed but also carefully considered in accordance with the Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Act.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the timely processing of all applications, please complete the application and attach, to the fullest extent possible, any available documentation of incurred costs as a result of Hurricane Florence. For example, if you are requesting grant funds to cover cost of living expenses, please provide any receipts or copies of outstanding balances in your name related to financial need and continued enrollment. The College will still consider any expenses incurred without documentation with reasonable explanation and an attestation to its truthfulness; however, because each application is both reviewed and considered in accordance with the Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Act, the College reserves the right to make all determinations on a case-by-case basis to eligible students based upon the funds available and the pool of applicants.

Apply Here: