WIOA Program Provides the Hope of a Bright Future

There are times in life that leave us shaken, wondering if there is anything in our future that is bright.  For many of America’s veterans that is a thought that happens on a daily basis.  For Watson Lindor, a 10-year Navy Veteran, Coastal Carolina Community College and the WIOA program provided him with hope of a brighter future.

Mr. Lindor is a disabled veteran who suffers with PTSD.  He was enrolled in the Diesel and Heavy Equipment Program at Coastal Carolina Community College when he inquired about the WIOA program.  He needed financial help to finish his training.  WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) is a federally funded program with the US Department of Labor.  Title I of the Act provides assistance with training expenses for those who wish to enter or reenter the workforce. There are three specific funding streams under WIOA Title I:  Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth.   Coastal Carolina Community College offers all three.  The program can help pay for tuition, books, and any supplies that might be required to complete a specific program of study.

In March of 2017, Mr. Lindor met his case worker, Diane LeBlanc. Ms. LeBlanc is one of four WIOA Title I Career Advisors at Coastal Carolina Community College and a USMC Veteran.  She enrolled Mr. Lindor into the program and was able to pay for his tools and the last semester of his schooling.  Essential to the program is monthly counseling which provided continual support even when he was unsure of finishing his training.  Mr. Lindor was nervous about taking two online classes, but with encouragement and support from his WIOA Career Advisor, he pressed on and completed his training.  With each passing week, Mr. Lindor’s future became brighter.

In August he completed his training and received a Diploma in Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.  He also earned four specific certifications in the Diesel and Heavy Equipment industry.  The brightest spot came when he received two job offers in his field.  He is now working for a business in Maysville and has become one of their valued employees, because of his strong work ethic and desire to be a team player.  Additionally, he is an incredible role model to the young men who also work with that business.

Is there hope for a brighter future?  Absolutely and the partnership of Coastal Carolina Community College and the WIOA Program can make that a reality in the lives of veterans who have faithfully served their country.