Writer’s Center FAQs for Students

What to Expect

You will sit down with a tutor for no more than 30 minutes to have a conversation about your writing. You will be asked for a copy of the assignment sheet (please bring this with you along with your draft or a laptop if you prefer to work digitally) and what you’d like to work on during the session. Depending on how far along you are in the writing process, either you or the tutor will read your paper aloud and then discuss strengths and weaknesses in your writing. Tutors are not editors and will focus on grammar and punctuation only if that is what the student needs, but the goal will be to encourage students to see their own grammatical errors and, instead, tutors will focus on larger content and structural issues that are more likely to impede successful communication of ideas.

Who does the WC serve?
Where is the WC located?
When is the WC open?
When I register for WCOnline to make an appointment, it asks for my Curriculum Code. How do I know what that is?
What can I expect during a tutoring session at the WC?
How often can I come to the WC?
Can I work on my paper independently in the WC and ask questions as I go?
Is there a fee to use the WC?
What kinds of writing can I bring to the WC?
What should I bring when I come to the WC?
Will my instructor know that I have visited the WC?
Do I have to make an appointment to visit the WC, or may I just drop in?
How long are tutoring sessions at the WC?
What if I miss my appointment?
Can I email my paper to the WC or just drop it off to be edited?
Who works in the WC?
Can I meet with my instructor in the WC when s/he is working as a tutor?
Can tutors help me with research documentation and formatting, such as APA and MLA?
Can tutors help me conduct research?
Can tutors help me use MS word or other word processing software?
Can the Writer's Center tell me what kind of grade I can expect on my assignment?
Can I share an appointment time with my peers, such as for a group assignment?
What is the 'Meet Online' option when I make an appointment?
I really liked the tutor I worked with when I visited the WC. Can I work with the same tutor again?