Microsoft SharePoint

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Introduction to SharePoint 2010 for the End-User

This course is designed to help students learn the basics of SharePoint 2010 for the end-user. Students will learn the fundamentals of accessing a SharePoint site, understand navigation structure, set group permissions, collaborate with Outlook, create lists, subsites, calendars, tasks, libraries, wikis, blogs, discussion boards, surveys, web parts, and create meeting and document workspaces. Textbooks included.

Course length: 20 hours

Design Fundamentals using SharePoint Designer

This course will provide the basic skills needed to get started in SharePoint Designer. Students will learn how to use SharePoint Designer to create, customize, and manage SharePoint sites and learn how to use SharePoint Designer to supplement and maximize the design and development capabilities of SharePoint itself. Students will learn the design interface then launch into practical application of these concepts and tools.

Course length: 20 hours