Notary Public

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Notary PublicMany employers benefit by having Notaries on their staff because many documents used in the course of business require notarization. Being a Notary is also a good addition to one’s resume while pursuing employment. Coastal Carolina Community College offers instruction for students interested in becoming a Notary. The course is offered twice a month, both daytime and evening hours. The length of the course is 7 hours. When the course is successfully completed the student must then submit an application to the Secretary of State’s office in order to be appointed as a Notary.

A Notary in North Carolina is an appointed official for the State. Notaries play a vital role in protecting the public against fraud and forgery. This is accomplished by requiring the personal appearance and verification of the identity of individuals signing documentation or performing other actions before the Notary. Notarization also lends an air of solemnity to transactions when documents are being signed, which in turn lends weight to the seriousness of the event taking place before the Notary.

Course Length: 7 hours