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WIOA May Have Funds Available

If you answer YES to one or more of the following, contact us at 910-938-6309 or complete the form below.

  • Are you unemployed or underemployed?
  • Have you been laid off from your job?
  • Are you receiving public assistance?
  • Do you need assistance with career development?
  • Do you need assistance with job search, resume writing, interview procedures, and/or dressing for success?

Must be able to provide the following documentation:

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien
  • Birth certificate or documentation
  • Social Security Card
  • NC Photo ID or Driver’s License
  • Selective Service Registration (males only)
  • Dislocated workers need:
    • Notice of layoff or no–fault termination
    • Verification of unemployment insurance status
    • Job search record